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Belgium and apex packs

by fnsn95

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Belgium and apex packs

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Can you make or create another system  for  getting apex packets because i bought coins but later i found out we cant buy the packets. 

Stupid country  with this law... 

Everybody has nice legends costumes and we get nothing or cant get anything only by lvling up 2 lvls... Can you plz find an other way or something because this is bothering alot of belgian people.. Greetz an apex legends fan 

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Re: Belgium and apex packs

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Sorry you're a gambling addict

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Re: Belgium and apex packs

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Yha.. same struggle here.

Would be nice if we could buy the crafting materials or earn them with side contracts.

Like kill X amount of players with (Weapon)  or wile crouching.


@SubwaySonicThat comment doens't really make sense here.

I am a volunteered Champion, not an EA employee.
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