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Mouse and keyboard

by voltic_os

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Re: Battlefront II does not recognize keyboard or mouse input

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Mouse and keyboard

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I have been having an issue with my keyboard and mouse not working on Battlefront 2, the only way for me to play is if i plug ina controller, I would like to use the keyboard and mouse that i paid for to play the $80 game i want to play. The mouse does not register any movements on the loading page of sw bf2. The keyboard will allow me to use the esc. and the enter button, but can not access anything else besides the exit screen. 

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Re: Mouse and keyboard

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Hey @voltic_os 


Could you please check out the workaround, which I posted here and let me know if that worked? Standard smile




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Re: [BUG] Disappearing Cursor or Infinitely loading cursor Battlefront II

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you don't have to quit discord you just need to turn in-game overlay off witch you do in settings 

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Re: Battlefront II does not recognize keyboard or mouse input

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This worked for me.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

It immediately solved the problem High five

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