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Battlefront II - 0% CPU freeze

by cosgr

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Battlefront II - 0% CPU freeze

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For some strange reason I get random freezes on Battlefront 2 usually 1-3 minutes into gameplay and when I do a task manager, the CPU usage is at 0%. I tried googling a resolution to the issue with no avail. The only problems I found was 100% CPU usage which I never had. Does anybody know a resolution to the problem? Any help would be appreciated and just to note, this problem only started today.

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Re: Battlefront II - 0% CPU freeze

Community Manager

Hey @cosgr sorry to hear about the issues you are having with Battlefront 2, I have personally not seen this issue before. 


Can you upload a dxdiag to see what kind of hardware you got and what we are dealing with. Standard smile 


How to make a dxdiag:




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