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Battlefield changing my GPU performance in Nvidia Panel

by Sebash92

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Battlefield changing my GPU performance in Nvidia Panel

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Im done of this... Everytime is something wrong...
I have set in my nvidia panel the performance of my gpu to optimum, just to save energy and have lower temp of my gpu when Im in desktop, for every game in profiles i always set up maximum performance of my gpu, but what did I notice? that everytime even if I setup that, my battlefield V changes the settings of nvidia panel to global one (not max performance - but just optimum/balanced - i dont know how you called that in english)..

I tried to setup this on adaptive and then change profile of BF to maximum performance - STILL THE SAME PROBLEM...

The only help for me is to set for global max performance... but then my gpu always is on FULL performance and getting high temp....

Another problem is the screen flicking... i think because of that switching of performance of my gpu..

Changing the performance by BF5 - i never thought its even possible, every other game with my saved profile doesnt even change that.. its always on max perf.. but not in case with bf5..

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