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Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

by PekacOdRovina

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Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

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Hi people! Since this new update,im having fps drop for some reason. My question is do you have fps drop and how to fix it? Sorry for bad English Standard smileStandard smile

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Re: Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

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@PekacOdRovina I never did but different PCs and parts inside and programs on the PC can make it or break it with updates and FPS. If your on a PC please list your PC specs so we can try and help you.

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Re: Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

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My pc specs:

GTX 1050TI


I3 7100


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Re: Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

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@PekacOdRovina  Ok give this a try for settings and sorry I was slow to respond... Set what you can as some ingame settings I list are for 20... video cards Standard smile



For Origin turn off cloud storage and turn off origin in game. ___Make sure you turn both OFF

Open Nvidia Control panel under 3D settings go to Adjust image settings with preview

Pick use my preference and set it to performance and hit apply.

Next step in game video settings advanced in BFV .....

DXR enabled OFF


High Dynamic Range OFF

Make sure frame rate limiter is set to 200

future frame rendering- off

vertical sync- off

UI Upscasling AUTO

GPU memory restriction- off

Below set graphics quality to custom

Everything on med or low gut stuff below...

Mesh Quality is on High or med see what works best for your PC

Antialiasing post processing is on TAA LOW

Ambient Occlusion is OFF

FX amount is on LOW

DXR you cant turn off its on Ultra

Under Basic Video settings do this for settings in BFV

motion blur set to 0
Under video Basic ....
ADS Fild of View - OFF


Chromatic Aberration OFF

Vignette OFF

Lens Distortion OFF

To see fps in game with no typing do this....

To see FPS in game with out fraps etc:
1- open note pad
2-put this in the note pad.....

perfoverlay.drawfps 1

Perfoverlay.fpsdisplayscale 4 <<< this can change to 3 or 2 or 1 depending how big or small you want it. 4 is large.
3-when you make the user.cfg in notepad,change the file type from text to all. And name it user.cfg
4-Put in .....:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 5
5-Also close Origin to put cfg in just to be safe :}
6-You will see your FPS in top right of screen when you start BF5

If you still have issues look at ..

It could also be Armoury Crate making issues or GForce experience if you have them installed.

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Re: Battlefield 5 FPS DROP

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The performance is terrible since a few weeks. From release until i guess 1,5 months ago 1 I had with 980ti 7700k ~120fps on low settings. Then suddenly i had lower fps ~90 and stuttering. 3 weeks ago i bougt a new pc, 2080ti i7 8700k. If i play on ultra the game is stuttering like crazy. it happens every few seconds. on low settings it doesnt occur that often but i only have ~120 fps. thats as much as i had with my old pc on release. pls fix
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