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Re: Battlefield 5 Bug

by michiganfishn33

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Battlefield 5 Bug

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Ever since the release of firestorm I have tried to play battlefield 5 and every time I start up the game I am prompted with an update that never goes through and then I am sent to the main homepage where all I can do is play the war stories and “try” to connect to ea online but it always fails due to no update.

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Re: Battlefield 5 Bug

On which platform are you playing?
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Re: Battlefield 5 Bug

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Xbox one S
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Re: Battlefield 5 Bug

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You aren’t the only one buddy. Quite a few of us have been twiddling our thumbs... Seems EA hasn’t been able to help with the people who have communicated with them, i’ve Tried everything that’s been recommended to me but it hasn’t helped
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Re: Battlefield 5 Bug

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Hey @michiganfishn33  @iSilverNinjaHQ, Take a look on the following thread:


It have some workarounds for some of the issues you have been experiencing. Let me know if you still have the issue. 




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