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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

by meatsaucing

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Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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Hello! My first two gaming sessions of BF1 went super on my brand new computer. Everything ran smooth.

Then the crashing started, mostly just BF1 shutting down without any error message, at times a blue or green screen would appear
and the computer crash, so I had to turn to look for help online. 

I realized alot of peole had crashes on AMD Ryzen ever since game release, so I went to try to fix it.

In many cases solutions were: update windows, turn off v-sync, disable SMT, clear the Origin cache and reinstall it.

When i turned off SMT the game didn't crash for 1,5 hours, which was a record since i first started having issues.
Then a blue screen popped up: Kernel Security Check Failure.

I went to google, and did a /scannow to repair anything that had been damaged, as adviced.

From now on I have Really bad FPS, and I don't know if it still crashes 'cus it's entirely unplayable, choppy to say the least.

The advice I got from the EA Direct Chat Support was to clear the cache and reinstall, and that's what I've done.


Now I don't know what to do. I attached a dxdiag to the post.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Max - Long time fan of BF

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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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sounds like a deeper issue with your PC.
Try reinstalling Windows and some stress testing. If you built the rig yourself, also check if everything is properly connected. Also check the temperatures.
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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

Hey @meatsaucing,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing this.


As far as the Crashing issue goes, have you tried updating to Windows 1803 if you haven't already?


You can check here, and force update Windows:


This has helped a lot of players that use AMD builds.


As for the low FPS, there are some steps you can try:


1. Turn off the Origin in-game Overlay in Origin and the Battlefield 1 Game Properties in Origin


2. If you're using Nvidia GeForce Experience, try disabling that


3. Check your Frame Rate Limiter settings in the Video/Graphics settings in Game, and make sure its set to 60 or 120, not unlimited.


Hope this helps.


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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Yes, it got messed up after trying to fix the crashing.
I've reinstalled now, and BF ran smooth, just as it did at first. Now the crashing has started.. again.
Drivers up to date, windows version up to date, bios up to date.
Everything running fast and good, except for the crashes in BF1. (Well, game freezes randomly for an instant, then shuts down without any message.
I'm back at square one. Ideas?
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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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Latest Windows. Trying to set 120 FPS, then 60 if it doesn't work. I have a feeling this might be IT. (it was on unlimited)
Thx for helping you, 2! Fingers crossed!
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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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Putting FPS on a Limit didn't work. I'm gonna try putting V-Sync On again..

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Re: Battlefield 1 crashes + LOW FPS (AMD Ryzen)

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Didn't work either. Still getting unpredictable crashes.
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