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Base PS4 FPS drops (suggested solution included)

by Dice_Silverstorm

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Base PS4 FPS drops (suggested solution included)

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I've been having constant FPS drops in firefights since the launch of the game, but things have gotten much worse since S2.


The PS4 is in perfect working order, the system is properly ventilated, the game has been reinstalled several times, the console has been power cycled, etc.

Basically, there is no problem with the console itself, but just to make sure I asked my friends whether they had same issues and got a confirmation. Additionally, there are plenty of comparison videos on youtube and whatnot showing massive fps drops for the standard PS4.


Anyhow, I think PS4 owners should be given an option to play with the LQ textures that we play with during the HD texture download of the game. There is nothing for the devs to add other than a option to switch to those if we want improved performance.

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