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Re: Banned from web app due to failing captcha.

by waseemabdul7

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Re: Banned from web app due to failing captcha.

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I got an email on saturday saying thanks for waiting while we investigate your query but nothing else yet. Also other than the brief pop up message when i first went on the web app I haven't received an email explaining anything for the web app transfer ban. But yeah as someone who also spends a lot of time using the web app menus rather than the in game ones it has been pretty frustrating. I have seen some people get their block (after a long time of back and forth though and even then it seems pretty rare that it happens) removed but I'm not expecting really anything to be done.


Also in game now I am getting the captcha frequently, even for listing players/items on the transfer market which suggests I have been put on some sort of list (hopefully I don't get "banned" from this one as well).



shrikov10, I noticed that issue when I was looking up my own but I can't suggest anything to help you actually load the CAPTCHA as I don't have that issue. 
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Re: Banned from web app due to failing captcha.

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Just got this email now, standard automated one with no actual information provided.



Thanks for contacting us about your account action.

We got your note and did a full investigation of your account. After reviewing your case, we determined that we took the correct action in accordance with EA policies and procedures.

What this means

We have confirmed that your account accessed FIFA servers with something other than FUT or the official Web and Companion apps. Because of this, we will not remove the restrictions on your FIFA Account.

You break our rules ( if you:
• Use auto-buyers or other unofficial clients = No.
• Use of external tools and/or software = No.
• Send unsolicited information to EA servers = No.
• Disrupt or manipulate information to and from EA servers = No.

If its for failing the CAPTCHA, why can't their "full investigation" determine that I did complete them on the console with no issues whatsoever, would like some of their employees to go through 16 of the web app ones every time they try to do league sbcs or upgrade packs and see how enjoyable it is. Meanwhile everyday you see 1000s of obvious coin selling transfers going on that their great system fails to detect. 


Seems that there's nothing more I can do really, EA will do anything to prevent people making coins through legitimate means and I'm sure they would never block someone from spending too many FIFA points. 

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Re: Banned from web app due to failing captcha.

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I got the same message. Your account is useless now because you can't even buy squad fitness cards from the transfer market. But they gladly left the store open for you to buy loot boxes with fifa points 🤑

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