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Banned for no reason, please help

by CaptainFIex

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Banned for no reason, please help

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Last Friday I logged on to my account and tried to queue up with my friends. As soon the game started I got kicked out the game with a message that said I was banned from the game. A day later I recieved an email that said my account was banned for hacking. I've tried to contact EA twice now thru EA help with no answer so far. I never hacked or cheated in any way. Spent so much time and money on the game and now and it's all gone and I can't get proper customer service to get this resolved. Is there a phone number we can call to talk to an actual human being and get help? 


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Banned for no reason, please help

Hey @CaptainFIex !


If you think this ban was applied to your account by mistake.
You can reach out to the Terms of Service Team to appeal this ban.
Just to make sure you contacted the right team, I'll leave a link below.

Click here to Contact the ToS Team


The Terms of Service tries to reply within 5 business days.
So keep an eye on your mailbox.


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Re: Banned for no reason, please help

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@Zeelmaekers These are the steps I have taken. When I go back to review my open cases, there is a button that says Resume. What is this for? Am I supposed to press resume or is my case still in process?
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