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Re: Ban leavers!

by Riceknuckle

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Ban leavers!

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Please start issuing game bans on people that leave the game, leave during selection screen, leave mid game, leave before they have the chance to be revived...

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Re: Ban leavers!

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How about no? He might've crashed, queued by accident, teammate not load in and need to leave and so on. It's a freakin BR, not a MOBA.

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Re: Ban leavers!

Community Manager

While I hate to see people leaving the game @SanityGaming I do think that there can be legitimate reasons for doing so and would hate to see people penalised for it. 


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Re: Ban leavers!

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@SanityGamingYesterday my game crashed three times in four games and finally I quit because it was unplayable. So yeah, it is too early to ban leavers for now.

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Re: Ban leavers!

[ Edited ]
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Pathetic response, there should be some sort of penalization at most!!

Even "Rainbow Six Siege" makes a perfect example of this,

And "Halo games"....


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Re: Ban leavers!

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Qued by accident, so instead of playing the game and being decent, or even saying sorry pre-hand or anything.... leaving is the option? screwing over everyone else!

team-mate not loaded in,  so screw over the other person?

You clearly don't play many games if you can only mention MOBA... because there's a bunch of games out there that have penalties for such situations amongst top games...

A few are.

Halo,  Rainbow six siege, star trek online, star wars online, and many more! 

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Re: Ban leavers!

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How about they fix there damn game from crashing then maybe this would be ideal but atm I cant even land before the game crashes and goes to desktop.

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Re: Ban leavers!

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Useless until they fix random crashes, bugs in lobby etc... For example sometimes it happens that my friends get into game but Iˇm stuck in lobby and there is no fix for that so far Wink

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Re: Ban leavers!

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@SanityGamingDude those games are running nicely. This game is crashing for a myriad of reasons every other round if not every round. I get it, you're mad but you sound ridiculous right now. Today I had one memory leak crash and 4 other crashes with no warning in a total of 8 games. According to your logic, I should be banned from the game because of game's fault.

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Re: Ban leavers!

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Tell me a single BR that punishes players for leaving.
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