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Re: Bad_module_info

by Big_Board09

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Re: Bad_module_info

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@Brownieland wrote:

i have an i5 4590 cpu which has no option for OC, what solution can you give me for that ? this game is a mess..

Unfortunately I don't know what to do here because you have a locked cpu and the motherboard is automatically adjusting the voltage...


While here I will continue my report by saying that by lowering my OC from 4.9ghz to 4.7ghz and keeping the voltage seemed to help, once again I was playing 3h without any issues. I will keep on playing with these settings and report if I encounter a crash.


I will also note that my friend who has a i5 8350k reverted his bios settings to default but that didn't help, even when increasing the voltage to 1.3v the game still crashed on default cpu clocks...

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Re: Bad_module_info

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@StiflerSlays wrote:

@CroL0co holy * dude i did go into the bios and i did see something that said enhanced turbo i think, so what should i set it too if not that, but also if thats the problem why did the game stop crashing for awhile for like a full week when i went back on drivers i didnt crash it was just when they updated it that it started crashing again heres my motherboard

Just put it on disable if it's enabled.


Can't give you an answer on this one, because they're making changes and adjustments with every new patch so who knows what they have changed... I'm also just a regular guy who knows a bit about hw and overclocking and by eliminating one overclock after another I found what may be causing problems for some people, including myself Standard smile


If you read through the last few pages people are also reporting that by adding up some voltage it helped them run the game without triggering the crashes.



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Re: Bad_module_info

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@CroL0co what about ssd turbo it says that my mother board also has ssd turbo on it

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Re: Bad_module_info

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yeah well good thing for those that are able to *temp fix* this problem with a workaround clearly this is not our issue though, its respawn problem which they havent fixed yet....sadly im still stuck with this bad_module_info crap.
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Re: Bad_module_info

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Small, important update - While using the AMD FX-6XXX fix of stopping Windows Audio Endpoint and starting Windows Audio - My big problem with this workaround is that it breaks my microphone from working in-game, even though it still works in the test for the Origin settings. I just tried a game without doing this workaround (so I could use mic) and crashed upon launching.
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Re: Bad_module_info

[ Edited ]
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just a small update:


i tryed the "-refresh 60 -dev -console +fps_max 60" method and i think it works for me....just had 2 crashes the last days.


but it is not the final solution i think....



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Hope this can fix your error "Bad_modules_info"!

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Hi guys,

I'm using AMD VGA (R9 290x) and i had the game crashed many many times (sometimes, it crashed 2 times in 5 mins). I've just check the Option and set the game to Windows - Borderless, and disable Fullscreen Acceleration. 
It works like Magic! 20 games without any crash.
Hope my solution can work with you guys too

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Re: Bad_module_info

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@Brownieland wrote:
yeah well good thing for those that are able to *temp fix* this problem with a workaround clearly this is not our issue though, its respawn problem which they havent fixed yet....sadly im still stuck with this bad_module_info crap.

I agree with you, basically all the "fixes" we do are some kind of workarounds, but the problems still exist and they should be fixed. Easier said then done...


If you look at some of the things that helped quite a lot of people out like limiting FPS and increasing voltage/decreasing cpu overclock it is basically all related to stability issues. Less FPS means your system will have an "easier time" running the game and more voltage results in more stability to your cpu overclock. 


The devs said how Apex has several different crash issues and they will be fixing some of them in the next patch, you can read it here.


"In the next client patch on PC we will be addressing some of the known crashes, but there will still be work to do as we haven’t nailed down all crashes yet."


This means that maybe you have more then one crashing problem, maybe you fixed one with the voltage/overclock adjustment, but there is another issue causing you the crashes. I feel your frustration because I was in the same boat (crashed almost every game) until I discovered this "fix" few days ago. However, as long as people provide feedback and the devs actively listen to the community and put their efforts in fixing the crashes there is big hope for a "crashless" game to enjoy Standard smile

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Re: Bad_module_info

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Update from me on the disabling WER front.
Still only 1 crash in about 40-50 games..
Seems to be holding up!
It's entirely possible that Bad module info covers a number of different root causes and WER buffer overflow is symptomatic of just one of them. 

The overclocking stuff is interesting.
I had a machine custom built for me and overclocked at point of build - 9700K at 5Ghz all cores. I'm reticent to down-clock it purely for the benefit of one game...

Hopefully this is all useful data for the devs to actually implement application level fixes, rather than the various bits of wood and string we've all be applying to our systems to keep it running. 

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Re: Bad_module_info

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Still no-error crash to desktops. Often times there aren't even freezes, it just goes to desktop immediately.


Pretty sad to see that the userbase is trying to fix it more than EA themselves.

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