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Re: Bad_module_info

by Ily_FPS

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Re: Apex Legends Freezing and Crashing

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Doesn't help for me, still crashing every 3-4 games, silently to desktop, no error or issue in event viewer, I believe I can see 'easyanticheat unloading successfully' when my game crashes so my issue is probably something different
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Re: Bad_module_info

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open advanced launch options on origin and add +fps_max 75 ,fixed my game I can play now without any issue

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How To Fix ; Crash To Desktop And Bad Module info on Win10

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in origin>apexlegends right click >geme properties > remove tick "Enable Origin In Game for Apex Legends™" and other tab click "ADVANCED LAUNCH OPTIONS" in Command line arguments write:+fps_max 60 or +fps_max 100 try options.çöz1 .png



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Re: How To Fix ; Crash To Desktop And Bad Module info on Win10

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Nope, doesn't seem to help.

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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@fireundubh wrote:

Another potential fix for the non-"bad_module_info" CTD:


Played six or seven games without a crash so far. Before I was getting a crash every half-game.


This fix only applies to your case if you see this error in the Event Viewer.

@fireundubh What exactly did you do? My application error has no CLSID or APPID in order to navigate the regedit.

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Re: Bad Module Info crash all the time

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What finally fixed it for me was running the game in compatibility mode for windows 8. Not the best solution, but it kept me from crashing before I even hit the ground lol. 

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Re: Bad_module_info

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Have a temporary fix. In Origin press "Go Offline" button, load game as normal until you see error about connection to EA servers, go back to Origin and press "Go Online". After that game will connect you to lobby. However in my case pressing Friends button will crash the game, you can join your friends via Origin friend menu.

100% sure that this is Origin related problem. Played 81 hour without any troubles (some huge load times when servers were busy at the release, but after that ok).


P.S. I have tried almost everything to fix it, i have deleted every single trace of Origin and Apex from my system and registry, wiped my network settings, changed dns etc.

The only way its working for me and my friends is offline mode in Origin. Btw, my friends have random crashes in game too but that's not my case.

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Re: Bad_module_info

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I don't know if this is going to help but this issue started happening to me after I unlocked Caustic. Prior to unlocking him the game ran perfect.

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Re: Bad_module_info

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Lol i crash after 10 seconds

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Crash 'bad_module_info'

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They working on a update for this? It happening almost everyday. Also why not reconnect? All multiplayer games has this function.



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