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BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

by FauxOperator

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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So I bought Origin Access Premier cause of Apex Legends bonus stuff and decided to try this game out meanwhile my friends are offline. Well, it's truly as stated "crash simulator 2019". Runing this on my i7-8700k / SLI 1080's laptop. Game BSOD my PC as soon as I start my 2nd mission. CPU and GPU's are undervolted, but undervolts are tested by many hours and different games (completely stable). 2 Things I noticed, SLI doesnt work, framerate fluctuates like hell, CPU usage goes to 70% at a times and this is frigin 8700k with 12 threads. Temp max for GPU/CPU doesnt go more than 75C. So yeah, this game is complete mess, glad I didn't spent money buying it. Avoid like a plague, at least until they fix it. 

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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I BSOD today over 10 times in 3 hrs of play with all sort of different blue screen error codes but the computer itself is fine... never had 1 BSOD on this build until this game. Played Destiny 2, Civ 6 and Apex on ultra @ 3440 x 1440p past couple days including afterward. I run an 8700K OC 4.9, Asus Strix 2070 RTX, 32GB 3000 Corsair RGB Pro. Samsun 970 pro SSD, Win 10 Pro, comp temps 45-65C. All drivers updated and performed a clean install... still BSOD on the loading screen, in Fort Tarsus, or in the Forge but never in a mission. Tried games settings from low to ultra. Killed all background apps.  This comp plays ME Andromeda and BF1 flawless on ultra at 2K... I'm not changing my very stable GPU/CPU OCs or ram xmp... this is their issue, not ours.  I'll be asking for a refund if they don't get a fix soon. At least Division 2 is around the corner.  If they mess up the next Dragon Age like this Bioware will be officially dead to me... thanks for ruining my favorite game developer EA... it is now, by far, CD Projekt Red.

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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All right so i have sorted this for myself so ill share here.


Did a bios update 

Then setup my old oc.



Went to bios and disabled all my oc settings 


Runs like a charm on ultra.



Vsync on makes it much better.



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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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Actually there is nothing wrong with the game. Sure it might have some better optimalisation.(FPS is still all over the place)

However the game in the current state is more CPU / GPU heavy then all the other games in the market. 

If you get a BSOD, which indicates that your system is just not stable or there might be a driver 'not working as intended'. but that is the thing about overclocking. 

It might be stable for the things you normally do. 


My Ryzen 1600 system also has a OC to 3.8 ghz. memory running at 2933.

Can't get it stable at 3200 without crashing randomly. it worked fine in 95% of the games but whenever i tryed to play GTA 5 at the time, it randomly crashed my system with BSOD.

Turned it down to 2933 and never had any BSOD after.

My point is, I don't have a single BSOD in Anthem and i am running with a overclock.



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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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My semi-educated speculation based on enginnering background:


Hypothesis: Anthem produces load/voltage spikes in my system that are absolutely unexplicable.


my systems total energy consumption is around 500 W, but Anthem did cause my 750 W PSU to just turn off. I upgraded to a new 850W and game runs rock stable now. 


Voltage fluctuations would explain the plethora of seemingly hardware-realted issues like BSODs 



Interestingly, many friends and colleagues had the very same issues with Rocket League when it launched - BSODs and CTDs until a new PSU fixed it all.


I do NOT suggest that everyone buys a new PSU now that is 50% stronger than their system actually requires. But IF you're in the market for a new one anyway, you might want to check that before you go for a new CPU or GPU 

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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You do know BSOD could indicate that your system is unstable or have errors that slows it down, or result in blue screens - also have in mind that anthem are a very CPU/GPU intensive on ressources which can result on higher temperature that also can give BSOD


My best advice to everyone who gets blue screens

Check your CPU temperature and make a system maintenance and see if that helps

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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When I downloaded the game and first started playing I played for three hours with no problems. (That’s why I’m so mad, I literally have done nothing or installed anything since this time when I could play) Now it BSODs every single time at the same part of the game. I load the game, walk to my javelin, pick a spot on the map to join. When the loading bar gets to around 95% that’s when the BSOD hits. I’m thinking of moving this game to my OS ssd to see it this helps. Really disappointed I can’t play my 60 dollar game. I can run Prime95 for many days at a time with no problems. I have my FPS locked at 60. But right before the BSOD my FPS shoots to 500+ even with v sync turned on. I’m playing with Origin, game is up to date 2/23/19 and my GPU drivers are up to date. 


X5660 4.5GHZ

12gigs of ram (not over clocked)

RTX 2070

800w power supply.

older system I know but I have no issues playing at 4K on any other game including Metro, BF5, FC5 


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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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I don't know about you guys but the latest update resolved all my problems.

Updated yesterday I think and since then not a single crash in over 6h of gaming. Promising !

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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My Anthem previously had this problem and it disappeared. But now I still can't open Anthem. I can press 'Play' but nothing happens. Then, a 'content update' at the top of the client appears.

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Re: BSOD trying to play Anthem, everytime

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I am now having BSODs constantly and CTDs, this is not limited to Anthem for me but apparently any Frostbite Engine game.  There are plenty of other games, including several that are just as taxing on my system that run just fine with no crashes at all.  Other games that work fine include - Division 2, Metro Exodus, Doom 2016, SWTOR, Division 1, Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 just to name a few.  All the modern Frostbite engine games I play crash and bluescreen constantly to the point that they're pretty much unplayable now, for no apparently reason that I can discern.  They include Anthem, Battlefield 5, and Star Wars Battlefront 2.  I get a variety of BSOD codes, most frequently IRQ not less or equal, and sometimes CTD.

I have tried a variety of things to remedy this problem as I was really enjoying these games until recently.  I have an AIO on my CPU so my temps generally even on a very hot day do not exceed 60 C on my cpu but probably average 50 C, and generally my rtx 2060 is around 60 C to 65 C, and they're in a well ventilated case so I'm fairly certain there's no heat issue.  I do not have anything overclocked beyond their stock configurations.  I have tried going back to older video drivers.  I've tried updating all my chipset and various other components drivers.  I've updated my bios.  I've unseated and reseated literally every component in my system.  I even just yesterday went so far as to completely wipe my main SSD with my OS and all these games on it, proceeded to reinstall windows 10 and fully update it and redownload all these games again (I'm thankful that I have a decent internet connection).  Fully start from scratch basically to no avail.


Still unplayable due to constant BSODs and CTDs. 

I really like all three of these games but I'm getting to the point where I'm considering giving up on them, I can't play them.  Frown

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