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BFV - Very large download sizes after every update (NOT Pre-allocating).

by Treete

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BFV - Very large download sizes after every update (NOT Pre-allocating).

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So, a few updates ago, while installing a 10GB BFV update, origin force quit itself to update the client. It completely reset my download, and even corrupted some files, resulting in me downloading a 27GB update TWICE, since the 1st time seemed to do nothing after finishing.


So after finally getting that all squared away, I was able to play the game for 3 days, until another update came out. While it was supposed to be a 4GB update, my game requires a 32GB update. This is all after pre-allocating. This is the actual download size after the game has checked the files.


My internet is very, very slow, making each GB take over an hour depending on the time of day. Sometimes several hours per GB. I'm also not the only one who uses it, so I can't just have a download going all day long, so completely reinstalling for a POSSIBILITY to fix it is really the last thing I want to do, if at all.


I've tried everything I've managed to scrape up from Google. Repairing, Safe Mode, Launching with Admin, reinstalling the vcredist files where Origin is located, etc. Nothing has worked, and I'd really like to play the game I paid $60 for.


I have no access to another BFV Folder to transfer from, as this issue also happened to my brother at the same time.


I'm beginning to get the feeling that a complete reinstall is the only choice, but the game is over 70GB total, and that's for the chance of it fixing the issue, not a guarantee.


I'd appreciate any advice you can give. If you need any additional information, I'm happy to oblige.


If this isn't the correct place to post this, let me know.

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