BF2042 Stuck on match Loading Screen

by MischevusManix7

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BF2042 Stuck on match Loading Screen

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Have been playing the games with no issues until about an hour ago. 

Now when I select a type of mode to play the loading screen that actually takes me into the match never goes away. I can hear the match going and gunfire but I’m still seeing a loading screen that won’t seem to go away. 

I’ve tried clearing cache, resetting network settings, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I do not have any peripherals plugged into my Xbox Series X

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Re: BF2042 Stuck on match Loading Screen

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Under investigation. Accepting as solution for visibility purposes only.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for the posts! This is something the team is aware of and is actively investigating.


We'll provide updates below as we have them, thanks for hanging in there while we're checking into this.


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Connection timeout bf2042 on PS5

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So I’ve been trying for the past 3 weeks to figure out what the heck is wrong with either my PlayStation 5 or the download file to Battlefield 2042… no progress. I always get this error code : 1:3300J: 15021: 468882970: 0B


I have reset my network settings on my console, my router, messed with Ethernet, using my mobile hotspot… nothing works! I am absolutely livid. No one has an answer on here. I have also deleted both versions of bf2042 old gen and new gen, reinstalled and had the same problem.

I read something on this page (from 3 days ago from 4/27/23) that a patch will come out or something along those lines…

I will believe it when I see it. Please help me ea, I like your crap and I’m trying to play battlefield with friends just like everyone else. I have no internet problems, this is on your side. Please do something 

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Re: Connection timeout bf2042 on PS5

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i want this issue fixed... EA please help me out... couldn't play for the whole months of march or april...


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connection timeout 1:3300J:1502I:-891751198O:0B

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I purchased battlefield 4 and couldn't connect to a server.  I figured the game is old.  Then I bought Battlefield 2042 and have the same problem.  

connection timeout 1:3300J:1502I:-891751198O:0B.

I have followed the guide.

The servers are supposedly up.

I am wired to the router.

I have tried a 4g hot spot.

I have verified the game files. 
I have cleared the EA app cache.
I have changed to DNS servers to and
I even disabled my Norton Anti virus. and I still get the same error. 
At this point I don't know what else to check. 


I need help getting connected.

I have an ORBI router connected to a Spectrum Cable appliance.
I have Norton 360 Anti-Virus.

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Blank player + start up (no loading screen)

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This is really getting annoying.. I'm having this issue time to time and last two days, I'm unable to see the players or my gun during the game.I have fiber optic internet speed (see attached speed) + updated gaming pc (RTX 2070+32 gb ram etc.) and graphics setup adjusted to Medium (even if I can play on High + Ultra High level). So there are no reason to have such issues but every time I'm getting this issues.In addition, I have to re-start the game to see the menu, because first start up does not show the loading screen. I thought there would be updates to remove such issues but still having it.


Note: I have all BF games in my collection, none of them had such similar problems.


Thx for the reply

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Re: connection timeout 1:3300J:1502I:-891751198O:0B

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faced the same problem, followed all the steps. Did you manage to fix this error?

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Re: Blank player + start up (no loading screen)

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@IIIBravo13III Delete content of CACHE folder in Documents / BF2042 folder , test game again , update us !
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Consistent crashes when loading into multiplayer matches on BF2042

[ Edited ]
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Whenever I am on the black screen that appears when loading into multiplayer matches, I will crash to desktop after a few seconds of loading in. The game does not output an error message, however the process will terminate. The game's menus are completely stable, with crashes only occuring when loading into matches. Out of the 50+ attempts I have made to join matches with various potential fixes, I have managed to play 3 matches. However, when trying again after these successful matches, the issue will return.


After viewing one of the .mdmp files from This PC > Documents > Battlefield 2042 > CrashDumps with WinDbg, the game seems to be having some kind of memory error (MEMORY_CORRUPTION_LARGE_256_c0000005_memory_corruption!BF2042.exe). I will leave the full crash dump's contents attached as a txt. I do not believe that I have a faulty DIMM, as I have run tests and played significantly more RAM/CPU intensive games with no issues; as well as playing BF2042 with XMP disabled.


I have looked over quite a few forum posts on here and none of the proposed solutions suggested have worked. The things I have tried are:

1. Multiple PC restarts.

2. Closing all background apps (clean boot as well.)

3. Disabling Nvidia sharpening.

4. Deleting all DX12 caches (in the game's cache folder and Nvidia's local appdata folder.)

5. Disabling all overclocks.

6. Disabling XMP.

7. Repairing BF2042 through the EA App.

8. Unplugging my controller and making sure that DS4Windows is not running.

9. Updating my GPU Drivers.

10. Tinkering with graphics settings.



Intel i9 13900k CPU

Zotac Trinity OC RTX 4090 GPU

G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory

ASRock Z790 Taichi Carrara LGA1700 Motherboard


You will see that the CPU is showing as having 16 cores in DxDiag; when a 13900k should have 24. This is because I have disabled the E-Cores on my CPU, not because of any problems.

This issue has made the game completely unplayable, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Blank player + start up (no loading screen)

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Thank you for your reply, I have deleted the content of Cache file as suggested.But still have the same issue.I have to launch the game 2 time to see the loading menu.really annoying.

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Re: connection timeout 1:3300J:1502I:-891751198O:0B

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No. I am even did a direct connect bypassing my router. 

I played yesterday for hours through my router with no problems. I got their Ea error, reset my router then restarted my computer and got on. Although this only worked once.  So, it’s not my bandwidth, it’s not my router, it’s not my computer. I am left with my suspicion that EA doesn’t care about their customer base in the US and therefore don’t have the number of servers required to support game play in the US. At least in Texas.


My son is in overseas and has absolutely no problems at all. Gaming is big in South Korea and Japan so that must be where the servers are. 

Sad. I have been playing Battlefield starting with battlefield Vietnam. Didn’t have this issues in the early 2000s. 

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