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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

by TheDaggz

Original Post

BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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I posted this in the thread created by @EA_Atic regarding Crashing to Desktop in BF V. 
I was told to voice my concerns in a separate thread, and hence I am doing so now. 

I have also spoken to EA customer support over the phone whereas I supplied DxDiag.txt documents along with a Msinfo32.txt file. 
None of the suggested solutions worked. 


Here's the initial post from the other thread:

We've made multiple posts regarding this issue over the course of 2+ months now and we still have no solution, nor a clue to what is going on with the game and when it is expected to be fixed.

The game has been released for more than 6+ months now and it's STILL crashing to desktop on a DAILY basis for me and pretty much anyone else running DX12 it seems. 

Now, I didn't spend 4500$ + 40$ on a new system to handle DXR and a copy of an unfinished game that doesn't work. 
I can't play it when I crash mid game every day, several times a day. 
This is not a finished product. This is NOT working. 

At what point can we expect a lasting solution for this?
At what point are we entitled to a refund? 
At what point is EA going to take responsibility for the products they launch?
At what point is DICE going to admit that this isn't working and they are seemingly clueless on how to resolve these issues? 
At what point is this unacceptable, from the viewpoint of EA and DICE? 
At what point will we as customers, have had enough of this dodgy business practice and try to take legal actions against selling faulty products that aren't fixed? 

I feel like there's so many issue with the game STILL, that I consider it to still be in Beta testing, despite it having been a fully released product since mid winter last year. 
How is this legal? 
How are you allowed to charge people for a product that isn't even close to being finished, and doesn't even work for the majority of the customers? 

I have so many questions and there's literally NO answers from the people in charge of solving this. 
Are you just taking our money and ignoring the issues? 
At this point, the game should've been fully functional and enjoyable in all it's raytracing glory, yet, it's everything but just that. 

Please, keep us updated on what is going on here. 
I'm getting very, very, very frustrated and upset about this irresponsible business practice that actually punishes the customers instead of rewarding them with at the least, what they have purchased. 

How would you feel about this, if you were a player and a customer whom had spent almost 5000 dollars to be able to play this game?
Would you accept crashing on a daily basis and be ignored by the publishers and mocked by the developers? 
I would very, very much like to know your  thoughts on these things.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day.


Censoring our concerns and thoughts on how to get a response from the people at EA, is not a productive approach to an honest and open communication between the publishers and customers. 
All we ask of you is a finished product that is playable, no matter whom's "fault" it is. 
You wouldn't serve an undercooked chicken at your restauraunt, now would you? 


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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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Feel free to reply at any time, I'm patiently waiting for a response here Standard smile

In the meantime, have a nice day.


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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

Community Manager



I understand from first hand experience playing PC games my whole life that crashes aren't fun to deal with. The last thing I want to do is witness a crash on a Friday night playing with my buddies mid-round when you're tearing it up. It's a turn off. Even worse, on a weekday after a long day of work when you don't have a whole lot of time to play after putting the kids to bed. 

We're here to help troubleshoot technical issues with you (and appreciate all other Battlefield fans that take time out of their day to help too. One of the things that makes this community really special). We'll do everything we can to pull together our resources to identify workaround solutions while the Battlefield team is working on a solution.


DirectX 12 Ray Tracing is listed as part of our EA Help Known Issues list and is not going ignored. The team has made strides in making performance improvements and are still committed to ensuring Battlefield fans take advantage of this incredible technology.

We have some workaround steps here for Battlefield fans experiencing crashes with DXR. I'm under the impression you've given them a shot, but here they are in case you haven't checked into it yet. I'm sure you've seen our article from a fellow AHQ Champion here too.

PC troubleshooting can be super easy where the first step you've taken fixes it, or it comes down to throwing darts at a board to see what sticks. Would you be able to provide us a DxDiag to this post and let us know what steps you've taken already?


  • Do you get specific errors when it crashes?
  • Do you run additional programs in the background while playing when it crashes?
  • Do you overclock?
  • Have you installed the game on a different drive?

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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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Thank you for your reply, @EA_Blueberry, I much appreciate your time in responding to my concerns. 

I'm not trying to be rude here nor am I trying to discourage your efforts to resolve my specific issues.
However I do already have a ticket open with your support department and would like my answers above answered properly and not go through a troubleshooting here as I am already doing so, and have been for about 6+ months. 

Again, I appreciate the help, I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way and hence I will answer your questions but would like the favor returned, as I have so, so many questions and I still can't seem to get a proper answer to them.
Which is just as frustrating as trying to play the game, if not even more so. 

-No errors
-Yes ofcourse, and I should be able to do so without crashing in your game. My system is extremely powerful for a simple game and thus running multiple tasks is and should definately not be an issue on my end. If it is causing issues, that is a problem DICE will have to deal with. (Discord, CAM, iCUE, Samsung Magician, Steam, GOG Galaxy, Uplay,, Origin ofcourse, Epic Games Launcher, Twitch & G.SKILL Royal RGB control program). I have however shut down ALL of these tasks and tried running BF and I still crash.
-Only my RAM via X.M.P in the BIOS. Something I paid extra to be able to do and should be able to use without crashing in a game. If it is an issue, it is again, not on my end but DICE whom will need to fix this. 
-Yes and I have reinstalled Origin and BF a few times. 

Even if any of these things were causing the issues, it simply shouldn't. 

Now what comes to mind here, is a question that I asked before but which I would like to emphasize, as I see no honorable answer to it; 
Why is an in-game store with cosmetics and a currency purchasable with real life money, being implemented BEFORE dealing with these critical, game breaking issues? 

The only answer that I can think of really, is; profits. 
And that really boggles the mind. 
Why prioritize profits over taking care of game breaking issues? 
What's the point with an in-game shop, if people can hardly play the game without crashing constantly? 

Please, I'm asking nicely here, can you  give me honest and straight answers to my questions in my initial posts? 
I would very, very, very much appreciate it, as it would give me some clarity, instead of all these questions and this enormous frustration.

Thank you again, for your time and patience. 
Have a nice day. 


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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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Nothing to say or what's going on here??

Why are we constantly met with silence?
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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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Been waiting 2+ weeks now for simple answers to simple questions.
Why are you so nonchalant towards the people whom actually pay for and use your products? 

Is it seriously really legal for you to operate your business like this? 

WHERE are you?
WHERE'S the answers?
WHERE'S the fix?!
WHEN is any of this going to be adressed?!
WHY can I not speak my mind on these forums without being censored/moderated, despite using proper words and no foul language? 
HOW can you expect anything but frustration and disappointment when your faulty products aren't being fixed and the customers issues aren't being adressed by the publisher nor the developer?

ANSWERS PLEASE, I've been asking kindly for months now and you're all just dodging me!
Grow a pair and have some spine, face your issues and solve them. 
We're not paying for a half-cooked meal, neither are we for an unfinished and broken game. 

Can I get a refund on my BF 5 still? Seeing how the game doesn't work and you can't fix it and you quite clearly won't fix it either. 

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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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no solution, just silence


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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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I have the same issues as the starter of this thread.


Myself and many other users experience completely random CTDs out of the game. Sometimes you can play three or four maps straight without crashing, then again it crashes after half the map played. BF V is currently unplayable with top hardware in stock configurations for countless users.


I have a i7 9700K, Asus STRIX 1080ti, 16 Gigs of Corsair RAM and an Asus board.


To eliminate the source of the issue (on my end) I have spent an embarrasing amount of money for new hardware. Its ridiculous.

I have tried


  • Clean Windows 10 Install,
  • Updated Windows to the latest version,
  • Updating Drivers (Always the latest, of course)
  • Playing with voltage in RAM and VCORE in BIOS,
  • Played with RAM timings,
  • Underclocked devices manually,
  • Swapped: Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Graphics Card (yes, all these components),
  • Invested into watercooling,
  • Double checked all devices for integrity and functionality with various tests (Memtest, fumark, et cetera),
  • Experimented with G-SYNC, various older nvidia drivers, DX11 or DX12, future frame rendering off or on
  • Looked for windows error logs, however, they are not reliably reproduceable. Some times there is an error, some times there isn't.
  • Contributed to the offical 'request for information' thread.

After all this, I refuse to conclude that the cause for the CTDs can be found in my system.


EA: Please take responsibility for your product. The DXDIAG is attached.

Thank you.

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Re: BF V CTD - Where's the solution?

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I can't help wondering,
How is it in any way productive to meet us with silence and; 


1) Give out warnings for asking questions
2) Editing posts for seeking answers to our many questions
3) Bann us for tagging moderators


I see no reason for this kind of borderline dictatorship, as a paying customer whom is having issues with one of your products, are we not entitled to adequate support in that price? 
I know for a fact that there's laws in my country that prevent companies from denying support and service to customers whom's having issues with their products. 

How do you even dare treat us like this? 
To what purpose? 

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