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Audio Problem Sound/Certain Sound Wont Go Thur Desired Inputs

by Slekro

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Audio Problem Sound/Certain Sound Wont Go Thur Desired Inputs

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First off Hello and thanks for stopping by!!


EDIT 1: im currently running a stable version of windows 10 64 bit but i have tried on a 32 bit system along with arch Linux just to see but my main rig OS is windows 10 64 bit!


Let's get on topic tho out of all the games i play/have played apex is the only one i have this issue in which is....

all my sound either goes thru my surround sound system being my wall speakers/roof speakers/PC 7.1 sound system!

What im trying to do which like i mentioned in every other game i have no problem with since it always works is...


I'd like my game sounds thru headphones just the PING SYSTEM//footsteps//shots being fired//with the voice chat of course anyway i can turn off the music/other things ((or have them go thru surround system)) besides these sound options  i mentioned?? i don't have the best hearing ((never have)) since ive had multiple surgery on my ears so if its not close to my head i just wont hear them sadly but that's life ive accepted this and made work around to stay competitive do extremely well in games with this method ive described


A example is in the rainbow 6 series ive set things like shots on my tools//character sayings//footsteps//shots fired//voice chat going thru only my headset with the music and every single other sound in this game going to my wall speakers or my PC 7.1 system literally everything in my gaming room is being used in a 4 way system with a Yamaha receiver to boost for audio quality mange all the 8 gauge wiring from all the inputs/speakers/audio devices !!


In apex it will not let me do (( it's ether all sound on 7.1 PC system or headset or wall speakers or roof speakers)) so I've tried so far....

Three Different motherboard's (each time i tried the games that i know my sound settings worked on and they did just not apex))

i even went out and bought the new ryzen CPU//Motherboard to go along with my 2x 2080 ti's graphic card's ((was using a a gen 9 i7 with a asus ROG board before this new ryzen cpu/motherboard ((my sound setting still work on other games with new board by the way))

just using PC speakers with headphones to chat

just wall speakers and headphones

it works with just headphones but this kinda defeats the purpose of having multiple audio setups when truly all i want is the PING SYSTEM//footsteps//shots being fired//with the voice chat is all i want going thru my ears since that's most important everything else can go on surround sound other audio inputs

the audio mixers for logic tech g skill or bose

audio programs such as my g skill//Logitech to see if it was just my g skill one messing up along with the G skill audio mixer program

my main headset which is a Bose Quiet Comfort 35 with the Bose audio program

the standard make windows default sounds route to certain devices such as sound effects voice to headphones but it still goes thru my speakers its like you cant have multiple sound inputs in this game which i hope is not the case since i have hearing problems like i mentioned and would hate for this to be the deal breaker since these things i mentioned are a must in shooters or else you will be shot and just not know where or how or when you get what im trying to say ^__^ sound makes all the diffrence in shooters and its a big problem sadly if i can get this to work since  i heavily enjoy apex legends...i haven't played a shooter that caught my attention this much since r6 siege//counter strike 1.6//halo 2//gears one!!


Just a side note: When i tried multiple headsets/microphones ive always unplugged them cleaned drivers so they would not conflict with each other so i tried them one at a time 99.99% of the time im using Bose Quiet Comfort 35 since its a headset i can wear for 5+ hours a day//chat on being discord/team speak/Skype you name it !!


Thank You To who ever finds time in there busy schedule to stop by and read this Standard smile also have a wonderful amazing day !!

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Re: Audio Problem Sound/Certain Sound Wont Go Thur Desired Inputs

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@Slekro I have the same thing man, mandatory 7.1 all the pings and stuff don't get to my headphones in my receiver.
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