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Re: Armed and Dangerous update issues.

by iX_R4D4R_Xi

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Armed and Dangerous update issues.

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Great game!!!


After a&d update a few issues have come up.


I'm running Xbox one gen 1. 


Character selection load screens are glitching since day 1 of update. Graphics do not load until end of character 2 selection.


Morning of day 2 server won't load a match in a&d mode. Other modes still work and load correctly. 


Good luck if it is an issue, the game is amazing!

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Re: Armed and Dangerous update issues.

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There is a problem on PC, where since the update, no matter which gamemode I play, before I get knocked down, the back side of the character flashes before the camera (basically a 3rd person view for the fraction of a second). Also sometimes textures don't render while selecting a legend. Not a very annoying glitch/bug, but I didn't have this issue earlier

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