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Apex suddenly become unplayable

by VoKks9

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Apex suddenly become unplayable

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Hi, very recently i have started playing apex and enjoying it very much, since i started playing about 3 days ago it has gradually decreased  in performance for me. At first it was audio cutting in and out whilst loading in, then it progressed to happening during game play for the first 5 minutes of each game, which made surviving early game much more difficult as i had no consistent audio to rely on. Then the freezes started, also only in early game but weren't game breaking and they only happened once or twice at the beginning of each game so were not much of a concern i just put it down to the map and locations rendering. 


However today i loaded up the game and everything has suddenly stepped up a notch by a huge amount and the game is completely unplayable for me. first game i grabbed a weapon started shooting at the enemy then bang my game freezes for a good 7 seconds and when it recovers i am downed from a player i literally needed 1 more second of fire on to knock. So on his screen i guess i just stopped firing and stood still for him.


Second game was the same except it was the complete loss of audio for at least 80% of the time i was in the game for, along with multiple freezes which got me killed again in a situation i should have won.


Third game the same thing happened again and so i closed it down realising somehow, (since last night when i was playing it perfectly fine with minimal audio and freezing issues) It has just become completely and utterly impossible to play. I have no idea what could have changed since last night. I'm hardly convinced shutting down my PC and then booting it up again today has caused such a downwards spiral in performance. 


Things I have tried: 


Disabling Cloud sync

Repairing the game files

Updating and reinstalling drivers

Checked for any windows updates I may have put off

Reinstalled Origin and Apex 




16GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 1660TI


Really hope someone can help because i'm completely baffled as to what is wrong, every other game i have works fine and i'm running this game on MUCH lower graphics than others.


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Re: Apex suddenly become unplayable

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It’s the game and their servers man. I’m scrolling down the list and everyone is having the same issues. The game is starting to collapse on itself since they never addressed these issues with the attention it deserved. They’ll probably never fix it. 

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Re: Apex suddenly become unplayable

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Yeah you're right, I reinstalled origin and apex yesterday and the game worked fine but I also heard this fixes the problem very temporarily so I'm wondering how many games i have left before it's unplayable again as i am already noticing the decline returning. Such a shame I only just started playing apex and was really getting into it. No chance  I'm gonna keep reinstalling Origin and Apex every few days though i'll just switch games.

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Re: Apex suddenly become unplayable

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Yeah, it’s a shame and mind boggling at the same time. I’ve been playing on and off since it came out and I can tell you it’s running worse now. Generally games get better if the company has the intention of fixing it. They put all this effort to creat this game (probably took years) only to have it crumble with horrible servers. I don’t understand it. There’s no other word that comes to mind besides stupidity. 

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