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Re: Apex legends unable to connect to EA servers[ps4]

by yq1fmup8pxx0

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Apex legends unable to connect to EA servers[ps4]

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My internet connection is well. Can play others online games, but apex throws me connection error second day in a row.

Last week i took console to another place and used internet connection from another provider using lan cabel. But when i came home and tried to play(via wi-fi) i faced this problem(at the same tine my friend was able to play without problems). It feels like problem appeared after connected internet via lan port(always used wi-fi before) so some settings could be changed automatically. 


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Re: Apex legends unable to connect to EA servers[ps4]

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Me too, except I'm on Xbox One. Nothing is working.
1) I made a new EA account (which neither Xbox or Ea account is banned and both Xbox accounts have Gold Memberships active)
2) I disconnected and re-connected my Router and Wifi, still no help.
3) I followed EA's "instructions" as well, still nothing.

Last night I was playing so I don't know why it's not working. I checked my emails, no bans and I wouldn't be banned anyways.

Please EA, help us!
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Re: Apex legends unable to connect to EA servers[ps4]

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It’s this weekend long, non-stop network issues.
Feels like it only started with me since I installed the patch.

The weird thing is that I sometimes get thrown to the main menu and when trying to connect to the main server it fails and fails and fails to connect.
But when I close the game and open again, it all of a sudden does connect.
Doesn’t feel like a network issue, but software issue...
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