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Apex legends keeps minimizing.

by Galapegus

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Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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I open Origin, and click to play Apex. Screen goes to Apex, music starts playing then it just minimizes. So I click the icon bottom of the screen to open it, screen is black and music plays for a sec, then minimizes again. Tried alt tab, same thing. Why is it doing this and how do I actually get to play it?

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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I have the same problem and don't know hot to fix it. 

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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I actually find out how to fix this. When you maximise your game again, press alt + enter so you can change fullscreen mode to window. In game settings, change display mode to Borderless window. This works.
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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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Alt+enter doesn't work for me.


Adding -windowed to the command line argument fixes it, but when you switch to fullscreen it has a fit and minimises again.


-windowed is a temporary fix at the least right 

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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Same problem.. since today (08.02.2019)
alt+enter worked. But I don't want toplay in this bs window mode..

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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Yea I got the alt+enter to work as well, and it does work on borderless windowed mode. I just don't understand why fullscreen doesn't work. No other game has ever done this before.


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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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Ok so i fixed the same problem and will provide a step by step way to fix it.


1) Right click start button and click search

2) search system configuration and click

3) goto services tab

4) check the hide all microsoft services

5) then select disable all only after the previous step's box is checked or you will * * up

6) then click startup tab and open the task manager through the link in that tab.

7) disable everything to start with.

8) go back to system config window and click ok, a popup will appear and click the restart button.

9) once restarted try APEX Legends again.

10) if this works you and enable items one at a time at step 5 and 7 to test and see which item is causing the problem and remove it.


Hope this fixes it for you. if it does then the problem is one of the items you disable may contain malware and should be removed. so i HIGHLY recommend testing to see what is causing it. otherwise you can just run it with minimal background apps and processes from now on.

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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I solved this problem .. try this :

disable all windows notifications in worked for me tell me if u fix this i've also set this in intel graphics menu ( see attached images) (sorry for my bad english) 


Ps. I launch the game by clicking on it in origin launcher

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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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I also have this problem. It started happening today for the first time. Since I last played, 3 noteworthy things have changed.

  1. Apex Legends had an update.
  2. I updated NVIDIA drivers.
  3. I started using an ICC profile.


GPU: 980Ti

CPU: i7-2600

Monitor/Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440

I want to play at 1080p so I can get better FPS or use higher quality graphics settings. I want to also play fullscreen (1080p scaled up) as I don't like the look of unscaled windowed 1080p on my monitor. This used to work. Maybe I'm imagining it but I'm sure there was a "Full-screen Borderless" in NVIDIA GeForce Experience before today.


My problem in detail:

  • 1440p works fine both fullscreen and windowed.
  • 1080p windowed works fine.
  • If I launch the game in 1080p fullscreen, the game minimises and instantly re-minimises if I try to switch back to it. Music can be briefly heard when luanching or switching.
  • If I launch using settings which work fine but then go to the settings and change to fullscreen 1080p, the minimisation problem occurs.
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Re: Apex legends keeps minimizing.

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Have you tried changing the background resolution for your desktop? We've seen that help too from other posts.


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