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Apex legends crashing without error

by SadsowTeHegehawg

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Re: Apex Legends Random Close/Crash

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Yep same for me too :


I find happend a lot more often in group play than in solo i don't know why.

Tried changing GPU to see if there were any difference did not work.

Friend tried adding more ram, still same issues.


Spec :

- i5-4670k

- r9 290 / vega 64

- 8/16 GB Ram ddr3

- amd adrenaline 19.2.1


Hope it can helps.


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Re: Apex Legends Random Close/Crash

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Same thing here. Can't find any logs or events corresponding to the crashes either. It's gotten way worse the past two days. Coincides with a Radeon driver update but can't tell if it's even related due to there being no logs I can find, and since Nvidia users also seem to be affected it doesn't seem likely.


As with seemingly everyone else, the game runs perfectly fine for an arbitrary amount of time, then suddenly closes.


i5 2500k
RX 570 8 Gb
24 Gb Kingston 1600 MHz
Origin on SSD; game on mechanical.
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Re: Apex Legends Random Close/Crash

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Same problem here, its so annoying, in last topic they put SOLVED.

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Re: Apex Legends Freezing and Crashing

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And yet another thread about this.. as far as I know people with all kinds of specs experience these issues and there's no real solution for this.


There are a lot of different things people claimed to have fixed it for them, including rolling back their GPU drivers(especially with AMD GPUs), disabling Origin ingame overlay, making sure neither steam nor discord runs in the background, disable G-Sync, run the game fullscreen instead of borderless and so on...


As far as I can tell there's no real solution for this though and all we can do is hope Respawn fixes these issues soon.

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Re: Apex Legends Freezing and Crashing

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Same problem, my game does not regularly
crash in game,but from time to time it does. My game does freeze in the lobby after 5 mins when I launch my game, then it says connection timed out.I have triens everything to reinstall the game to repairing it.

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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I don't know if it's been posted here, but here's what I did (and it worked).


Open Origin, then launch the game and immediately after you launched it turn off your internet. If the game has opened, turn on your internet and enjoy.

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Im getting it with a Ryzen 2600
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Betreff: Apex legends crashing without error

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Hello guys, might this be a help and fix for some of you:


I tried so many suggested solutions and none of them helped me.

From deleting cache, reinstall apex and/or origin, turning off every overlay,.... rollback drivers, install newest drivers, deactivate anti-virus software, changing graphic settings.... praying to god and whatsoever :D 


I'll started remembering, the first 2 days it worked just fine and I think I updated my graphics driver. BUT before this update, I didn't updated them for a long time. So I'll rolled back way more far, than the suggested version and .... after that, it worked just fine for now about 3 hours and massive rounds.

Before this, Apex crashed without an error at certain locations on the map and at some random time being ingame in a round.


My card is a 1060 GTX mobile 6GB, but I think it's more about the driver than the actual card.

So try to rollback the driver way more far than the 417.71 (or what is suggested).

I am now on version 416.94 (from 01.11.2018 or sth), as a friend of mine was running on this without problems (he got the 1060 GTX desktop card) and since this my game worked fine. 


Maybe this is a fix for some of you guys too, just going more versions back than you tried until now. 



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Betreff: Apex legends crashing without error

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I've used the trick to lower graphics settings and use Adaptive V-sync to not stress the GPU and it has reduced crashes a lot. But today even on Adaptvie V-Sync the FPS is unlocked so the GPU works more and the crashes happen much more often.

Any news from Respawn if they are working on this issue? Currently cannot play with friends, because I get a crash almost every other game.
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Re: Apex Legends Freezing and Crashing

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The only thing you should definitely make sure of if you're crashing regularly is that your rig isn't overheating.. if that's not the case, there's probably not much you can do for now.


Well, apart from trying the "fixes" others come up with in the forums. None of the ones I came across so far seemed to work for me though and I honestly think it's the game.. As annoying as it might be, waiting for Respawn to fix it is probably the way to go

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