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Apex legends crashing without error

by SadsowTeHegehawg

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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@r333mo same here bro i unistall origin with game
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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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I started to getting exactly the same symptoms after switching hardware (CPU, RAM and MOBO) so I think it might be hardware related or actually pinpointed to something close to it. 

I was playing fine without this issue on a pretty weak configuration of i5-4570, 8GB of RAM, and RX480 and I didn't get this issue even once... 

but when I got my Motherboard back from RMA, I switched back to Ryzen 7 2700X and 64GB of RAM atm, but I'm pretty sure it was also happnening back in the day while I was sitting on 16 and 32GB kits. 

It leaves either some RAM Frequency problem, CPU handling of it, or some driver related. I hope that I will find some solution, but I thought it would be nice to actually leave my speculations on this. 

Either way... I'm pretty irritated on this, cause the game runs very smoooth right now, but these crashes ruining it for me again... lately all I'm doing is troubleshooting things related to this game, instead of enjoying the game. 

My bet would be either my Ryzen/RAM, pretty much sure about something to do with the RAM in my case, but it could be something else... I will make another reply If I would manage to fix the issue in my case. 

EDIT: 1 Fun fact = After changing hardware in a span of 30 minutes max between playing Apex on old and new configuration, there was a update of 30MB... and I don't think it was some bugfix update, but something related to my hardware change, so now I'm "Repairing" My Game through Origin after second Crash, and it seems that I need to download 13.71GB of data... which is interesting... so it's worth a go... 

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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my game lets me load into a match i go crazy in the game then bam screen freezes no error code just says game not responding changed drivers reinstalled both apex and origin multiple times its not responding in game and when i am playing just freezes i have never had a problem with this game since it came out and its a bummer that a update that is supposed to help the game completely ruined it for me i have battle pass and now its useless because I literally cannot play without getting a crash with no error the game just flat out does not respond

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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 @EA_Blueberry my game loads but then it never gives me an error to why its not responding i have no overclocks nothing it seems to be the recent update messes the game up for me i constantly get in matches get 2 kills then game stops it just says not responding if i do finish a match I find another one in lobby game freezes again recently I just been getting freezes this is my favorite game i have please fix it please the update messes it up for me 

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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There are multiple causes of crashes, but my crashes where fixed for month now just by setting EasyAntiCheat service in services.msc to restart if the service fails.

I had a long story of crashing before and nothing fixed it, after playing multiple other games using EasyAntiCheat i noticed that those games crash too with same symptoms and no logfile. 

So i thought well what if its not actually Apex Legends that is the culprit but EasyAntiCheat instead, and for me, it is. In Theory and that also explains why there is no crashlog, EasyAntiCheat just stops working and therefore Apex Legends closes itself, its not actually a real crash of the Game, but a crash of EasyAntiCheat.


Im playing month's now with full Overclocks/MSI Afterburner/Geforce Experience/Overlays and can stream without any crashes.

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