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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

by LGhost69

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Constant crashing now.. straight to desktop, no error.


I sometimes get an error message, which says "Game Security Violation Detected" -_- no idea why, i've updated everything.



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Re: Apex Legend Sound Distorted and Delayed

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I play on PC

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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My apex legends experience so far.


Day 1: "Game is super laggy and im getting disconnection errors, but its day one so I'm not worried about it, I'm sure this'll be sorted out soon"

Day 4: "Bad module errors start, huh that's new. Oh well its only day 4, I'm sure this will get sorted out."

Day 7: "I cant kill anyone since I have to lock my frames at 30 to play, oh well I'll just eat my hot pockets, drink my Caprisun and spectate people who can actually play the game."

Day 9: "Well I took today off from work so I might as well try to play. Disconnects 3 minutes into game*. Why am I still trying this?" Posts dxdiag for 312th time*

Day 14: "I still can't connect to a match for more than 5 mintues at a time, and EA is telling me to run CC clearner still to solve my problems." Blueberry and Attic sit in a room practicing their finger painting laughing at the peasants*

Day 15: "That's it...actually uninstalling this time" Boots up super Nintendo to play Mario for the 496th time*

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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I need to correct myself: Earlier in this thread was mentioned to try to change the process priority of the EasyAntiCheat.exe from "normal" to "low". As I denied that it is working I forgot to set the priority again after I reopened the game. Now I need to confirm that the change is doing very well for me. To avoid to change the CPU priority of the process everytime I start the game, I installed a small tool called "Prio" to safe the latest setup state. Since then I hadn't had any crashes again. This fix didn't bring any negative circumstances like fps loss. The manual way to change a process priority is pretty simple (Windows 10):

  1. Open your task manager by right-clicking on the task bar or pressing ctrl, alt + del.
  2. Open your Apex Legends.
  3. Switch to your task manager and go on the "details" tab.
  4. Search the EasyAntiCheat.exe (easiest would be to just press e to jump to the entries beginning with e) and make a right click on it and select "Set Priority".
  5. The process have a normal priority by default. You must change it to "Low".

That's it! But remember: Everytime when you start Apex you need to change the priority again. The tool Prio from prnwatch will help to avoid this. I am not payed by prnwatch and this is just a recommendation.

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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@brichey01 wrote:

@KristianBrasil wrote:

@brichey01 wrote:

Can all you please stop reporting fixes that involve crippling your GPU performance down to 60FPS or turning the game into a fuzzy mess?  It's not a solution. If I wanted a 60fps experience I'd go play console.  

I don't think you need to set target fps to 59.

The most important thing to stop the crashes for me was Borderless Windows + Turning Textures down by 1 notch.

I only get 1 crash after 20-30 games now.

PS: Enjoying the game in my crappy 60fps here. Got champion twice today Standard smile

I'm playing with the none texture streaming budget. It's 100% GPU overload. I've tried borderless windowed, regular windowed, and fullscreen. No matter what the game will crash with either no error to desktop or DXGI_Bad_Module_Info. I'm glad it works for you though. 60FPS is a slideshow I can't endure. 

Well, I'm almost certain Borderless window fixes the memory write/read error only.


Your crash is probably caused by something completely different.


And 60 fps is pretty smooth here. Maybe your monitor is different. 30 fps would be pretty awful on my monitor, maybe just like what 60 would be to yours...


Hope they manage to fix it, because Borderless Window always make my games have micro stutters.

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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after the update, still the same random crashes.


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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Crashing all the time now after the "latest bug patch". Have to wait for the next patch...

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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For anyone having crashes without an error I managed to fix my issues with some trial and error. I've been playing for 3 days without issues.

I'm using a Vega 56 graphics card.


Here's what to do:


1 - Install the Radeon graphics driver 19.2.1 (for anyone using Nvidia drivers i've heard that you'll need this one 417.71 but since i haven't tested i don't know if it'll work the same)

2 - Go to the properties of the Apex icon and tick the "Disable fullscreen optimizations" and "Run this program as an administrator".

3 - Go to the origin app and go to Origin -> Application Settings. Go to the Notifications tab and disable everything in there. Go to the Origin in-game tab and disable everything in there too.

4 - Still on the origin app go to "My game Library". Click on the apex game and under the "play" button there's a settings button, click on that and go to "Game Properties". Untick the "Enable Origin In Game for Apex Legends". On the "Advanced Launch Options" tab, on "Command line arguments" type the following: "+fps_max 60" (without the quotes).


Give it a try and hope it helps you. (:

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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112 pages of reports and EA sits there doing nothing while we here wanting to play an actual "good" game from EA but they dont care. This shows that EA really never cared about the community. They just want the mula

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Did anybody try to VPN to another place?

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