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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

by Rusty3_UK

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Crashing almost every game without error. Just freezes for 5-10secs then crashes, no errors.


CPU: i5-4670k


GPU: RX570

Win 10, with game also on SSD

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Game is crashing EVEN MORE after the update.

Screen freezes for 5 seconds, then the game closes to desktop with no error message. Tried everything from forums to reddit: revert drivers, update drivers, lower graphics, fresh uninstall, repair, etc. Nothing worked.

Specs: FX 6300, R7 260x, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro (64 bits). 

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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Been crashing a lot more since this update. Was just in a game and I was top 2 teams and then my screen went black and I was back to my desktop wallpaper and my win disappeared. At this point my friends I play apex with have told me that my pc is * and I need to buy a new one or I can't play with them so idk anymore
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Re: Apex Legends Freezing and Crashing

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There were some comments in previous pages(4-6) regarding a fix that required changing VRAM usage down, and of course settings down. It worked for me. 

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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I was myself experiencing a crash on startup with no error message, interrogation of the error logs and assistance from Xane at EA support, highlighted the issue was in reference to a 2d Texture error and bad_module. I presume this is in relation to the graphical nature of the main menu of the game once loaded.


A solution to the problem was to change the "r5apex" launcher in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex" to "Disable fullscreen optimisations" i found that this setting against either the origin launcher or the easyanticheat launcher did not yield any results.


To do this,

-Navigate to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex folder, (Or wherever you may have installed the game).

-Locate the "r5apex" application exe.

-Right click on the aforementioned file and go to "Properties".

-Click on the "Compatibility" tab at the top.

-Towards the bottom of the form set "Disable Fullscreen Optimisations" to TRUE, (With a tick).


This may launch your game in a windowed format, you can change this once you've launched.


I hope this helps someone out there. 


Rusty out Wink

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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

★ Apprentice
Same issue here. Been happening since I started playing on Sunday. I played today for about an hour, after the patch came out, and still crashed in 2 games, with the final 5 squads remaining or fewer FeelsBad. No error messages, just a hard freeze for a few seconds, followed by a game crash back to the desktop.

Asus Rog Strix RX 570 4gb with FX 6300 processor
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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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5. Try DISABLING ALL Notifications in Origin, yes all of them + disable Origin in game (Application Settings/Origin In-Game)

AND Right Click Apex Legends in Origin and select Game Properties and deselect "Enable Origin In Game for Apex Legends"

This worked for me!

Tried EVERYTHING I could think of other than reinstalling Windows, including manually scrubbing all Origin and Nvidia traces from the system and registry and then reinstalling.

So far so good, have been playing tonight for ~3h without issues, most of my issues seem to be around the Origin platform.
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Re: Apex legends crashing without error

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What FINALLY WORKED: I am still running on Nvidia Driver 417.71, CPU and GPU are overclocked (again) and ingame settings are set mid to high. What finally stopped me from crashing was that i first of all changed my game properties for Apex --- click the settings "wheel" in origin launcher and click game properties: than uncheck the Origin in game setting + go to advanced settings and just add: +fps_max 60 (iam now at 100) depending on ur system.


After this my game crashed "only" in a few games but it still crashed without error... 


NOW: Yesterday evening i followed the tipp of another user and instead of limiting the frames within the Apex advanced settings (via origin) i downloaded RivaTuner to cap my frames:


limited my frames to 100 (now 144). I played the whole day now without any crashes what so ever!



i5 9600k


16GB Ram

(Nvidia 417.71 Driver)

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