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Apex legend matchmaking issue

by RaionXeyro

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Apex legend matchmaking issue

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Every time I did matchmaking solo, it went smooth. Bt when I try doing it with my frnds they enter the match leaving me in the lobby. Then I get stuck there untill I leave the party. Is it a game bug or problem with my PC/connection?

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Re: Apex legend matchmaking issue

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you have to uninstall and reinstall the game, that worked for me.
or restarted my game
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Re: Apex legend matchmaking issue

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Hi @RaionXeyro, I'm getting the issue in PS4 and have been for about a year. I've launched multiple bug reports starting in Feb and commenting on other peoples posts with similar issues. ( and only ever got one response of 'check your internet connection'. My ping playing the game is only about 60-90 and get this same issue after every game.


Let me know if you have had any luck since. 

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