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Re: Apex freezes for few seconds while in game

by iamMonochromish

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Apex freezes for few seconds while in game

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Recently my gameplay has been destroyed few times by random, a few seconds long freezes. There are no packet-loss, prediction-error or any other indicators. It happens while in fight, game just freezes like it would crash but after few seconds game becomes alive again.


It seems to be a nice new addition to the laggy movement, teleports due to prediction errors, fps rollercoaster, servers shutting down while playing and even more fancy stuff in that game (and no - this is not my internet connection issue, hardware issue or any non-game related problem). I am committed Apex fan since game's origin, played already ~1900 hours but my patience has been reached with lack of quality improvements and a general game's ramp down...

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Re: Apex freezes for few seconds while in game

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Hi @7empe  , 

i see that you are facing lag and internet issue, but to fix it we need to find if it's your Hardware issue or your internet issue or game error, so let's first check if it's your internet issue, firstly I'll recommend you to open the following ports, these ports are important for apex legends, if you are on pc, open these ports

TCP - 1024-1124, 3216, 9960-9969, 18000, 18060, 18120, 27900, 28910, 29900

UDP - 1024-1124, 18000, 29900, 37000-40000

If you are not on pc and on a console, check this website 

After opening these ports, if you still face this error, see if your NAT type is open, if not then try to get it open and use these DNS

Cloudflare DNS -,
Google DNS -,

After using these settings, check if your internet is fluctuating because of a damaged wire, if it's still not working, use a wired connection as it provides a stable connection, if you want to skip this step or you already use a wired connection and if you still face this error, then let's check if it's your hardware issue, so can you send me your pc specs, if you dont want to send because you think it's surely not your hardware issue, then 

it should be a game error, so either uninstall and reinstall the game or contact EA on this website
They will surely help and you'll be able to play apex smoothly in a week.

Thank you and Have a nice day.

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