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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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Haven’t played in like 4 days and it’s Pissin me

off. Doesn’t seem like they are even tryin to fix the problem 

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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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Still having this issue three weeks after this thread was made. Power cycling doesn't help and I can't even play a single game. I get as far as selecting my character before it Code Leafs me to the main menu.

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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

Community Manager

Hey, Legends.

The team is requesting information around this Code:Leaf error in this post below. Any help you can provide there is greatly appreciated. We'll continue to provide updates around this as we hear them, thanks for hanging in there.


Code:Leaf Info Gathering Post


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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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What it's doing is in the middle of my game it kicks me and says error codeleaf and I go to the home screen I never had this problem before and its pissing me off please help my wifi is fine because I can still play gta online with no lag so I know its not that and Ive tried switching servers but they all don't work any better most of the servers have a ping of 4000 or more other than st louis and san oueblo they are -1 but have a 100% packet loss please fix this I really like this game 

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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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@XwundoX I like how there’s no response from any ea support on this topic.
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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

Community Manager

@AsnShadowNinja We have multiple posts, and an info gathering thread. 

If you haven't seen it before, the steps on this page can offer mixed success to some affected by this:


Hopefully they help, we're very much aware of how big an issue this is for folks.


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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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@XwundoX EA servers are total garbage
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Re: Apex error (code:leaf) Xbox One

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Still NoThing happen . 

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