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Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

by steaIthy-banana

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Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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ok so it's been 3 week since i had this problem but i wanted to see if next uptade would have fixed it ... it did not :/ 

everytimes i lunch the game everything seem to work well and after 1/2 minutes the game game freeze for 10 seconds then unfreeze , now i can just use the menus ( nothing else work , the animation of character don't work but i can still move through the menus (looking at my skins and avallaible legends))

and after 10 seconds the game freeze again for the same amount of time and i just get sent back to the first screen you get when you lunch the game with a message :

connexion expired please refer to apex/unable/to/connect...etc. for further explanation and for the first time i got an error message : (code leaf) 


i tried reinstalling the game, repairing the files, nothing work ... even another account can't make it work :/ 

however on an other computer everything work so i suppose the problem is from my computer but what i don't understand is that the game worked perfectly 3weeks ago ... can someone help please ? i can't play anymore :/ 


origin name  :   Baba2909


EDIT: i found a folder named apex crash, i don't know if it's related but here it is plus a screenshot 

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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hey everyone, thank you for your help 

i think i fixed the problem so i'll tell you what i found, for now i didn't have the time to test if the issue is still gone but last time i tried everything was fine. 

Which mean that if i don't update this post it mean that it fixed my issue 


First of all : DO NOT MESS WITH MSCONFIG IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (it's probably while trying stuff with msconfig that i broke apex in the first place)


(please don't do things I say if you don't know what you are doing) you can probably break your computer if you do random things and i'm not a pro at all so maybe what i say is a terrible idea and will break your computer even more


recently i noticed that when i lunch (Windo+R)/msconfig/startup/advanced options when i tick the box number of processors i could choose only one 

however I have an intel core i5 which is supposed to have processors  (same problem in: task manager/performance i could only see 1 (processor/core/heart idk the translation in english sorry) out of 4 and 1 logic processor out of 4 

(to know how much core i was supposed to have i searched on google)


- I tried to fix that problem and it ended up fixing my apex problem : i just went into (Windo+R)/msconfig/startup/advanced options/ unticked the 2 boxes : number of processors and maximum memory

- then i restarted my computer 

- then i downloaded ADWcleaner and i lunched an analyse which deleted 2 malwares(idk what it was but there was 2 error fixed)

- restarted my computer 

- lunched :  task manager/performance and i noticed that my 4 cores were back, same in msconfig and when i lunched apex, the game was much less laggy plus i did not encountered my error for the 3 games i played 


thank you again for everyone who tried to help me, you are the best and i hope my post will help some of you ( please tell me if something i said should not be done (i'm not an expert in computer so if someone says it can break a computer i will remove this post) 

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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Same on Xbox 

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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Same in PC. 

I got the same issue. I've tried everything, since open ports to enable DMZ to my ip but nothing works. Also tried cleaning cache and another dns. 

NOTHING gonna works. 


I called technical support but neither they have an answer. 

I will try a few more thing and if it still unworkable I'm gonna leave this game

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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Any screenshots?



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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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After yesterday's update I have the same problem. Tried to change the server and issue persist. I tried to play battlefield 1 and everything is fine there.
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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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Same here for PS4 since last update yesterday !!
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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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I get this all the time too, the only thing that fixes the problem for me is restarting the internet modem/router

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

EA Respawn Team

@steaIthy-banana, I can say that the apex_crash.txt is unrelated. It was crashing while trying to free some memory for a model it didn't need in memory any more.


I don't understand exactly what's going on with your PC. My best guess is that something is making your PC freeze for many seconds, and that is long enough to make you disconnect from the server. I recommend this experiment:


  1. Run Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). This is part of Windows that shows you all programs running, and what resources they're using.
  2. Click "More details" at the bottom if needed
  3. Click the "Details" tab
  4. Right click on one of the columns, such as "Name", and choose "Select Columns".
  5. Make sure that you have all of these columns checked:  CPU,  GPU,  and  PF Delta.
  6. Sort by CPU by clicking on that column. You want the biggest number at the top.
  7. Run the game in windowed mode so you can see Task Manager and the game side-by-side.
  8. Play as normal.

When the game freezes, look at Task Manager, and check the following:

  1. Is Task Manager still refreshing, or is it frozen too?
  2. Is Apex using the same CPU%, more CPU%, or less CPU%?
  3. Is Apex using the same GPU%, more GPU%, or less GPU%?
  4. What is the value for PF Delta?
  5. Is some other process besides Apex using most of your CPU or GPU?

Based on this information, we can hopefully narrow down what's happening.

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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Thank you very much for your answer. Finally someone good at that! 

I'll try to be clear, 'cause my english is very poor.


1.- I cannot find "PF Delta", but I suppose "PID" is the same (in spanish).


2.-  Task manager's still refreshing even when apex is freezed.


3.- Apex doesn't use more CPU... GPU shows '28' 


4.- PID (PF Delta, i guess) shows 12336


5.- Yeah, like you can see, there is another Process called  'System Idle Process' ... I'm gonna check wth is that and check if killing it I can ressolve the problem


EDIT: I found PF Delta and added in Screenshots (2 & 3, both taken while apex was freezed)

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Re: Apex error (code leaf) ????? PC

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ok , i've done what you asked for , here's the result :


1 task manager is still refreshing when the game freeze 

2 still the same CPU even when the game freeze (around 70)

3 GPU is the same too, around 30 

4 i', not sure about this one as i couldn't find translation of PF delta in french but i found the PF value which was  around 50 000 000 i think 

(i have a column which might be PF delta but i'm not sure at all, the value was around 20 000 tell me if this value correspond to the thing i had to find or if i just found something that is not PFDelta) 

5 nothing takes more CPU and GPU than apex


hope this can help you , thank you a lot for your time, i really appreciate. 

don't bother too much, it's just a game so if you have better things to do it can wait ^^ 

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