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Apex disconnect

by Zaphnie

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Re: Apex disconnect

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lol its your own fault if u play. maybe stop playing until its fixed. since i cant play any games. i disconnected from 7 games in a row and stopped. they were shadow fall games but still. Stop playing. ofc they should have a game that doesn't have these problems. but until you develop your own game as successful as this one. do not complain. Usually in events like this that occur. they will compensate with something minor. but until then I am watching a movie.

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Re: Apex disconnect

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@Ed_distin In matter of fact I did, but there isn't much time left and not that it's important to me but I spend too much time for that event and hopefully it was not wasted because of their incompetency to prioritize maintenance other then everything else.
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Re: Apex disconnect

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@ScavySaimon i understand. in such reason they should extent it for few days or as long as disconnecting issues are there. Since its affecting peoples capabilities to get those items. this is something i would want to happen myself
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Re: Apex disconnect


Hey guys,


The DNS of google was unstable yesterday and the connection issue wasn't only in Apex Legends but affected also other games.
For now, I recommend switching to your ISP DNS server or another one, for example Cloudflare's 

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:


Preferred DNS server: 2606:4700:4700::1111
Alternate DNS server:  2001:4860:4860::8844

I am a volunteered Champion, not an EA employee.
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Apex Legends Troubleshooting guide: Zeel's Troubleshooting guide

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Re: Apex disconnect

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@UnderJyup007 i just turned off adaptive resolution and problem was solved. 20 games without disconnects.
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