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Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors

by Bjzor

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Re: Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors

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@EA_BlueberryI have started experiencing some crashes few days ago, except one all with no error exit just exit to desktop but yesterday had one with an error log which was the same error code as 3 weeks ago. attaching a new dxdiag & log, haven't changed anything since it got stable after the BIOS update. Could you please advise? Standard smile


Update: now just got a DXGI Device removed error.

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Re: Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors

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That is usually related to a faulty driver (or in some cases, a faulty card) so I recommend doing a clean uninstall of your video card driver and download it manually. In the Nvidia forums there are some user submitted workaround solutions here.


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Re: Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors

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!!!unknown-module!!!: 000001EFB58C1B30
cpu: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz"
ram: 32 // GB
KERNELBASE: 00000000000FF67A
ntdll: 00000000000A4AF2
ntdll: 000000000008C6D6
ntdll: 00000000000A11FF
ntdll: 000000000006A289
ntdll: 000000000009FE6E
!!!unknown-module!!!: 000001EFB58C1B30
rax = 1
rbx = 0x000001EFB79EB550
rcx = 0x838694ED57320000
rdx = 0xFD9E97090DD0E354
rsp = 0x00000052124CF2C0
rbp = 0x00000052124CF410
rsi = 0x000001EFC7E39A70
rdi = 0x000001EE9887B600
r8 = 0xC4CEB9FE1A85EC53
r9 = 0xFF51AFD7ED558CCD
r10 = 0x56188FEFF524DF0C
r11 = 0x4A7355E461888CE5
r12 = 0
r13 = 0
r14 = 0
r15 = 0
rip = 0x000001EFB58C1B30
xmm0 = [ [-3.4031156e-09, 4.9346161e-14, -1.114525e+29, 1.0849481e+13], [0xB169DC3E, 0x295E3C40, 0xEFB40FAC, 0x551DE177] ]
xmm1 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm2 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm3 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm4 = [ [1, 0, 0, 0], [0x3F800000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000] ]
xmm5 = [ [22, 0, 0, 0], [0x41B00000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000] ]
xmm6 = [ [-nan, -nan, -nan, -nan], [-1, -1, -1, -1] ]
xmm7 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm8 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm9 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm10 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm11 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm12 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm13 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm14 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
xmm15 = [ [0, 0, 0, 0], [0, 0, 0, 0] ]
build_id: 1572481583
R5Apex: [00007FF624E60000, 00007FF64F318000]
ntdll: [00007FFAC39C0000, 00007FFAC3BB0000]
KERNEL32: [00007FFAC2B50000, 00007FFAC2C02000]
KERNELBASE: [00007FFAC1480000, 00007FFAC1723000]
Activation64: [00007FFA893C0000, 00007FFA896C1000]
GDI32: [00007FFAC2C20000, 00007FFAC2C46000]
win32u: [00007FFAC18F0000, 00007FFAC1911000]
gdi32full: [00007FFAC1750000, 00007FFAC18E4000]
msvcp_win: [00007FFAC09B0000, 00007FFAC0A4E000]
ucrtbase: [00007FFAC0B80000, 00007FFAC0C7A000]
USER32: [00007FFAC2950000, 00007FFAC2AE4000]
CRYPT32: [00007FFAC1920000, 00007FFAC1A69000]
MSASN1: [00007FFAC08E0000, 00007FFAC08F2000]
SHLWAPI: [00007FFAC2AF0000, 00007FFAC2B42000]
msvcrt: [00007FFAC28B0000, 00007FFAC294E000]
combase: [00007FFAC1C80000, 00007FFAC1FB6000]
RPCRT4: [00007FFAC2ED0000, 00007FFAC2FF0000]
bcryptPrimitives: [00007FFAC0C80000, 00007FFAC0D00000]
WINTRUST: [00007FFAC0950000, 00007FFAC09AC000]
MSVCP140: [00007FFAAF180000, 00007FFAAF226000]
gdiplus: [00007FFAB5260000, 00007FFAB5403000]
ole32: [00007FFAC37F0000, 00007FFAC3946000]
VCRUNTIME140: [00007FFAAF230000, 00007FFAAF246000]
advapi32: [00007FFAC2E10000, 00007FFAC2EB3000]
sechost: [00007FFAC2790000, 00007FFAC2827000]
OLEAUT32: [00007FFAC2250000, 00007FFAC2314000]
SHELL32: [00007FFAC2FF0000, 00007FFAC36D5000]
cfgmgr32: [00007FFAC0B30000, 00007FFAC0B7A000]
shcore: [00007FFAC3740000, 00007FFAC37E9000] [00007FFAC0D00000, 00007FFAC147E000]
profapi: [00007FFAC08C0000, 00007FFAC08DF000]
powrprof: [00007FFAC0900000, 00007FFAC094A000]
UMPDC: [00007FFAC0890000, 00007FFAC08A0000]
kernel.appcore: [00007FFAC08A0000, 00007FFAC08B1000]
cryptsp: [00007FFAC1730000, 00007FFAC1747000]
WINHTTP: [00007FFAB9D10000, 00007FFAB9E00000]
IMM32: [00007FFAC3950000, 00007FFAC397E000]
VERSION: [00007FFABACA0000, 00007FFABACAA000]
bcrypt: [00007FFAC0B00000, 00007FFAC0B26000]
dxcore: [00007FFABF500000, 00007FFABF520000]
ntmarta: [00007FFABF8F0000, 00007FFABF921000]
clbcatq: [00007FFAC2190000, 00007FFAC2232000]
amsi: [00007FFAB56F0000, 00007FFAB5705000]
USERENV: [00007FFAC07B0000, 00007FFAC07D5000]
MpOav: [00007FFAB56A0000, 00007FFAB56E4000]
WS2_32: [00007FFAC2050000, 00007FFAC20BF000]
webio: [00007FFAB0CD0000, 00007FFAB0D69000]
mswsock: [00007FFAC0100000, 00007FFAC0167000]
IPHLPAPI: [00007FFABFE10000, 00007FFABFE4A000]
WINNSI: [00007FFABB070000, 00007FFABB07B000]
NSI: [00007FFAC2240000, 00007FFAC2248000]
SspiCli: [00007FFAC0780000, 00007FFAC07AF000]
DNSAPI: [00007FFABFE50000, 00007FFABFF1A000]
rasadhlp: [00007FFAB7390000, 00007FFAB739A000]
fwpuclnt: [00007FFABAD30000, 00007FFABADA7000]
schannel: [00007FFABFBA0000, 00007FFABFC28000]
mskeyprotect: [00007FFAAF000000, 00007FFAAF015000]
ncrypt: [00007FFAC03D0000, 00007FFAC03F6000]
NTASN1: [00007FFAC0390000, 00007FFAC03CB000]
ncryptsslp: [00007FFAACFD0000, 00007FFAACFF5000]
DPAPI: [00007FFABFCB0000, 00007FFABFCBA000]
rsaenh: [00007FFABFC70000, 00007FFABFCA3000]
CRYPTBASE: [00007FFAC02D0000, 00007FFAC02DC000]
imagehlp: [00007FFAC2030000, 00007FFAC204D000]
gpapi: [00007FFABF4B0000, 00007FFABF4D2000]
cryptnet: [00007FFABAC70000, 00007FFABAC9F000]
AVIFIL32: [00007FFAB0BF0000, 00007FFAB0C10000]
MSACM32: [00007FFAA4AD0000, 00007FFAA4AEC000]
MSVFW32: [00007FFAB0BC0000, 00007FFAB0BE9000]
WINMM: [00007FFABE9C0000, 00007FFABE9E4000]
winmmbase: [00007FFABE990000, 00007FFABE9BD000]
COMCTL32: [00007FFAB3C00000, 00007FFAB3CA9000]
d3d11: [00007FFABD980000, 00007FFABDBDB000]
dxgi: [00007FFABF590000, 00007FFABF67B000]
D3DCOMPILER_43: [00007FFA88E50000, 00007FFA890BF000]
mileswin64: [00007FFAACE40000, 00007FFAACEF0000]
AVRT: [00007FFABCDF0000, 00007FFABCDFA000]
binkawin64: [00007FFAACF90000, 00007FFAACFC6000]
WLDAP32: [00007FFAC1FC0000, 00007FFAC2028000]
Normaliz: [00007FFAC2C10000, 00007FFAC2C18000]
bink2w64: [00007FFAACDC0000, 00007FFAACE32000]
SETUPAPI: [00007FFAC2320000, 00007FFAC2790000]
HID: [00007FFABF4A0000, 00007FFABF4AE000]
IGO64: [00007FFA88BE0000, 00007FFA88E4E000]
nvldumdx: [00007FFABA530000, 00007FFABA61F000]
nvwgf2umx: [00007FFA85380000, 00007FFA87A1D000]
nvspcap64: [00007FFA90500000, 00007FFA907C2000]
NvCamera64: [00007FFA785E0000, 00007FFA78D64000]
XINPUT9_1_0: [00007FFAB9CC0000, 00007FFAB9CC7000]
urlmon: [00007FFAB6A90000, 00007FFAB6C66000]
WindowsCodecs: [00007FFABBF50000, 00007FFABC0FF000]
WININET: [00007FFAB0500000, 00007FFAB09D6000]
iertutil: [00007FFAB6690000, 00007FFAB6936000]
DINPUT8: [000001EECC520000, 000001EECC563000]
inputhost: [00007FFAAE900000, 00007FFAAEA1A000]
CoreMessaging: [00007FFABE590000, 00007FFABE664000]
PROPSYS: [00007FFABD250000, 00007FFABD33F000]
wintypes: [00007FFABC870000, 00007FFABC9C3000]
CoreUIComponents: [00007FFABC2D0000, 00007FFABC5FA000]
d3dcompiler_47_64: [000001EED0ED0000, 000001EED12D4000]
DEVOBJ: [00007FFAC0690000, 00007FFAC06BA000]
nvapi64: [00007FFAB5E00000, 00007FFAB62EC000]
nvcuda: [00007FFA8D150000, 00007FFA8E211000]
XInput1_3: [0000000000400000, 000000000041E000]
EasyAntiCheat_x64: [00007FFAAC230000, 00007FFAAC2F9000]
MSCTF: [000001EEDF480000, 000001EEDF5B6000]
mscms: [00007FFABBA70000, 00007FFABBB1E000]
ColorAdapterClient: [00007FFABBBD0000, 00007FFABBBE7000]
Windows.Internal.Graphics.Display.DisplayColorManagement: [00007FFAACD50000, 00007FFAACD6A000]
TextInputFramework: [00007FFAB1B30000, 00007FFAB1BCE000]
OneCoreCommonProxyStub: [00007FFAB3D70000, 00007FFAB3DE9000]
OneCoreUAPCommonProxyStub: [00007FFABB080000, 00007FFABB7ED000]
dcomp: [00007FFABE040000, 00007FFABE21B000]
dwmapi: [00007FFABF030000, 00007FFABF05D000]
MMDevApi: [00007FFABA350000, 00007FFABA3C2000]
dsound: [00007FFA92DE0000, 00007FFA92E79000]
wdmaud: [00007FFA89BA0000, 00007FFA89BE4000]
ksuser: [00007FFAA4B00000, 00007FFAA4B09000]
AUDIOSES: [000001EEFF820000, 000001EEFF97D000]
msacm32: [00007FFAA4AF0000, 00007FFAA4AFD000]
midimap: [00007FFA8CC20000, 00007FFA8CC2A000]
Windows.UI: [00007FFAA94C0000, 00007FFAA9611000]
XAudio2_6: [000000006A180000, 000000006A20D000]
libprotobuf: [00007FFAAE670000, 00007FFAAE7B2000]
libeay32: [000001EE8FCC0000, 000001EE8FE68000]
ssleay32: [00007FFAAE460000, 00007FFAAE4BC000]
poco: [000001EE8FE70000, 000001EE90393000]
PocoInitializer: [00007FFAAF020000, 00007FFAAF036000]
MessageBus: [00007FFAAD060000, 00007FFAAD0B7000]
dhcpcsvc: [00007FFABAFC0000, 00007FFABAFDC000]
ui: [00007FFA77420000, 00007FFA7766E000]
napinsp: [00007FFA935A0000, 00007FFA935B6000]
pnrpnsp: [000001EE92780000, 000001EE9279A000]
winrnr: [00007FFA93570000, 00007FFA9357E000]
NLAapi: [00007FFABD0A0000, 00007FFABD0BC000]
wshbth: [00007FFAB0F90000, 00007FFAB0FA5000]
RzChromaSDK64: [00007FFAA25E0000, 00007FFAA2613000]
CONCRT140: [00007FFA8CEF0000, 00007FFA8CF41000]
secur32: [00007FFAAF140000, 00007FFAAF14C000]
resourcepolicyclient: [00007FFABEF40000, 00007FFABEF54000]
RzChromaBroadcastManager64: [00007FFAA3D90000, 00007FFAA3DB2000]

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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

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Would you look at that!

This time I got an error.

No, its not overheating. CPU peak was 60C Standard smile))))


Still the only game that crashes for me.


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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

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Hey guys,


just wanted to say that it crashed without error 2x today and once with an error Standard smile)))))))))))))))))))))


Would have been a 100+ game and the last before Plat 3 ^^



Great job on not being able to fix crashes that were there since the release!!!

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Re: Apex crashing since season 3 - access violation, close to desktop errors

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@EA_BlueberryThanks, I will do a clean install on the nvidia drivers. It only happened once, so not really concerned.


However, I am more concerned on the no-errors and it seems to have come back what was happening before the bios update. I was streaming, attaching the current log. I haven't changed anything since updating the BIOS. Just after this log I got a no-error back to desktop again.

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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

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Literally the very first game! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

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And the next game

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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

★★★ Novice



just checking back in and saying that you're doing a great job since it is still crashing for me Standard smile

Also had a look at my temps:



No internal Hardware error from an unstable OC either!


Also apex_crash.txt attached

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Re: Crashes since start of Season 3!

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After the latest update the very first game closed without error.


Just wanted to tell you that its been a year and you still cant fix your game Standard smile)))

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