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Apex crashing on me constantly


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Apex crashing on me constantly

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I am currently re-downloading the Game because once again it has crashed on me. For the past two hours I have been making reports searching google for a solution to fix the game and nothing worked so I had to delete and download again. It seems to be the only thing I have been able to do In order to play but I just went through this last night and everyday for the past week or two and I’ve had the same problem over and over and I am able to play other games with no issue or lag so it’s not my internet the part that irritates me the most is this is the only game I like to play and I’ve put hundreds of dollars into it purchasing packs and even items all to have to deal with this everyday making report after report just to have the same issue I believe  respawn or whoever is in charge of handling this type of issue should do so I know this is a issue that happens to many more people than myself and it’s not right to have to put so much time and money into something that doesn’t work correctly and make it impossible to even contact anyone directly about this. 

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Re: Apex crashing on me constantly

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Which platform do you play on? Are you seeing any error messages at all when the game is crashing? If so, what's the full error you're seeing? 




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