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Apex Not launching after EAC banner (Potential Diagnosis)

by THEONLYraider

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Apex Not launching after EAC banner (Potential Diagnosis)

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Hey Everyone,

After taking a look at every solution, and trying them all, I decided to do some investigating on my own and found some interesting info.

Taking a look at the link below I came across a Process monitor program.


With that I was able to take a deeper look into the processes going on when Apex doesn't launch. I was specifically taking a look at the end to see if there were any obvious issues.

Looking at the last few lines I found this:

Following the registry path I found that the key is in fact missing and does not exist. See Below
Ky Missing


SO the next step I'm looking into is trying to manually add the key, but I don't know where to find the Data used by these keys. 
I assume that it's the binary value for where the file is located on my HDD, but I don't know where to even get that at.

If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about, or wants to try this out on their own, let me know!

Will update will a status as soon as I find out more.

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