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Apex Legends sound only works correctly with HyperX Cloud Flight headset

by JTB727

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Apex Legends sound only works correctly with HyperX Cloud Flight headset

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Has anyone else had problems with the sound in Apex Legends being waaaay too quiet? I've never experienced issues with what I hear or when I hear it like most bug reports I've seen but since day 1 I've had issues with the sound being absurdly low even with volume in game set to 100 and volume out of game set to 100 (usually I keep it at 20-40 for pretty much everything). Awhile back I bought the HyperX Cloud Flight headset and immediately I noticed with that headset the sound was completely fixed, it sounded just right. Since this was around the time of Season 1 release I thought it was a bug fix or something but I just tried going back to my old headset (which has no issues besides with Apex) while the HyperX is charging and the sound was crap again. I tried just using my speakers (again no issues outside of Apex) and they have the same problem with super low volume. It's at all points in the game; loading, menu, in game, etc. I can't seem to find anyone else who has experienced this kind of problem, just a bunch of stuff about sound delays and quiet footsteps.


If anyone has experienced this please say so, even if you have no solution it would be nice to know if this is a common problem. Obviously solutions would also be highly appreciated.

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