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Apex Legends gameplay hanging up?

by Majeika33

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Apex Legends gameplay hanging up?

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Most of the time while im playing the game its fine .. i can play for several hours at a time without any issue but then randomly ill get this problem where my game wont freeze and its not crashing but its like im watching a stop motion picture film.. it will freeze for a couple seconds then it will play for half a second with a loud noise then freeze then play then freeze etc. My FPS shows over 100FPS at the time of the issue and i also get this red networking looking icon at the top right of my screen.


Im not sure what is causing this or even how to fix it. Seems to happen most the time when im crouched and aiming at the same time, at least thats what i recall.


Im running 1050 GTX TI and AMD 8350 FX 4.0ghz processor with current drivers. Im playing on high settings with a steady 60 fps up until the issue starts.


Any input?

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Re: Apex Legends gameplay hanging up?

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Same problem. I'm skeptical as to what's causing the issue as my connection isn't always great but my PC runs fine and the issue always categorically occurs.

For me the problem occurs around the start of the game usually just after landing and/or before 10 squads remaining. After that point this issue is incredibly rare for me.


Issue is relatively the similar to the original poster's but fluctuates in its potency, the game seems to freeze almost as though i'm losing connection but I can still look around and sometimes be able to move. It then unfreezes and immediately freezes, almost as if there is a set time interval between these freezes (as the original poster said, looks like a stop motion video). After a while it seems to speed up and goes back to normal but can pop up a little bit here and then but once the game's going it's fine.

And just like the OP it doesn't happen all the time, sometimes the whole game runs perfectly with not a single issue, and sometimes it happens through the whole game till death.


Running the game at mid/high settings average at +60fps (note: I still run at high frame rates when this issue occurs)

If you want specs i'll do my best to list all necessary ones below:

RYZEN 3 1300X 3.4Ghz

GTX 1060



Connection speeds:

Download: 10 to 25+ MBps

Upload: +-8 MBps

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Re: Apex Legends gameplay hanging up?

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This keeps happening to me. Most of the day its fine. Either I hang up while loading into match or it completely stop motion whole game. Teammates and enemy players tele-porting around. UNPLAYABLE!!!!!

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