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Apex Legends fail to launch

by Itizwaatitiz

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Apex Legends fail to launch

★ Apprentice

Apex legends keeps on kicking me out on to the Xbox Home Screen. I have tried reinstalling the game, clearing MAC address, hard resetting, unplugging the router and console then reconnecting it again. 
I can play other games that need EA servers just fine. I have used a different account on my console to play apex and it works through there. I have tried every thing I could find that would help but nothing has worked at all. 

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Re: Apex Legends fail to launch

Community Manager
@Itizwaatitiz Can you try removing the profile having the issue and re-adding it to see if this keeps happening?


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Re: Apex Legends fail to launch

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@EA_Illium I tried that still not working
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