Apex Legends Stuck on the loading screen

by SN_TonyAbbott

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Apex Legends Stuck on the loading screen

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I have tried everything including re downloading the game. no matter what the game just sits on the spinner loading screen forever.

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Re: Infinite Loading Loop

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Hey all, thanks for your patience while we look into this issue. 


We are seeing reports from some users that last nights patch fixed the issue for them. If the recent patch fixed the issue for you then would you mind sharing your Origin username with us so that we can look into it. 


For those still seeing the issue after the patch would you mind sharing the following information so that we can investigate this further:

Origin username:

Number of Steam Friends:

Number of Origin Friends:



Some users are reporting that flushing your DNS can fix the issue. You can find the steps to flush your DNS in this help article: https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/pc/connection-troubleshooting-advanced-pc/ 



For anyone still seeing this issue would you mind trying the steps below to unlink your Apex Legends account from your Steam account as many users are reporting that it is solving the loading issue


  • On this page click on "Sign in through Steam".
  • On the Steam page, you will need to log into the steam account you created in step One.  It is important that you do not sign into you already linked Steam account.
  • Once logged into the new account you should see a window telling you that your account is now linked. Make sure you save this URL address as you may need it again in order to link Apex Legends to your primary Steam account.
  • Open Origin again and launch Apex Legends.


Let me know how you get on and thanks all for your patience while we look into this.


We do not consider this issue solved but I am accepting this post as the solution for visibility.



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Friends can't play cross NA&EU and getting stuck at infinite loading screen.

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I'm from europe and my friend is from na. We wanted to play togather but when we got into the lobby with each other our games stuck. I was readying up but it wasn't showing up to my friend. Visa versa. We tried restarting our games but now the game stuck at loading screen for both of us. Tried restarting couple of times and then my friend got in but i couldn't.  It's still stuck at loading screen.

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Re: Friends can't play cross NA&EU and getting stuck at infinite loading scr

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Same, infin loading

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Stuck on apex splash screen

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The game downloaded and installed fine, when I try and load it up, anti cheat comes and goes developer title and intro screen come up music continues to play and the loading circle keeps spinning, I can still exit the game but no error or anything pops up just keeps spinning 

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Re: Friends can't play cross NA&EU and getting stuck at infinite loading scr

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it might be that servers are full but i dont know if they have server stats up or not
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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

Hey @DesperateCat, we had some issues with stuck on the loading screen last night, that issues have now been solved. 
Do you still experience the issue? 
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Infinite loading screen/stuck on loading screen(only VPN helps)

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So i decided to play Apex with my Russian friends (i live in Ukraine), but when i launched it i'm stuck on loading screen (music plays and circle spins).
So what i tried is using VPN and connected to Romania, and you know what, i finally was able to pass loading screen and even do a tutorial.
BUT the thing is i don't wanna use VPN, also it's not free...
The question is WHY i can't play without VPN This game seems really fun and i want to play it with my dudes, but i have this issue..

Is there's a way to play without VPN?

What can cause this problem?


UPD: Ok so my ukrainian friend downloaded APEX and everything worked fine for him, so now i have no idea what causes infinite loading screen issue for me...

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Infinite Load Screen at start

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As many say out there... I can't pass the  initial load screen, I'm just playing a few hours back and now a can't do nothing to pass that load, redownloaded 2 times, changed HD's nothing seems to work..

This game is a blast to me and a really want to play it so some one help me out!



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still getting infinite loading screen

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I have reinstalled since the patch was released and im still getting the infinite loading screen.

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Infinite Loading Loop

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I'm having an issue where when I launch the game it gets past he EAC loading screen and the game launches but wants it launched I just have an infinite loading loop and it wont go past it.


I've tried playing on a VPN, flushing the DNS and renewing it, installing the latest graphics drivers, latest install of origin, reinstalling the game. I'm stuck for ideas really, initially the game launched when I first downloaded it but I wanted to change my resolution so I restarted the game and it wont launch over since.

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