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Re: Apex Legends Stuck on the loading screen

by Terorizator

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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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I had the problem for at least one month i found the fix that worked for me :


My internet connection was set to "public network" and I had my firewall activated.


Setting my network as private and turning off windows firewall did the job !

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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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When the download progress isn't syncing up correctly it's likely a program in the background conflicting with Origin downloads, anti-virus/firewall related, or user account permissions.

Check out the steps listed here, they should fix that.


Sorry to see you're having trouble downloading it. Let us know what helped if you can so others can find it useful.


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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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I just got infinite loading on 5/14. Before then, I can play normally.

 I've tried all the methods above. Nothing works.

But I can play with my smart phone Internet. Couldn't play with cable network. Pretty strange.

Could anyone help?

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Re: Apex Legends Stuck on the loading screen

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Changing DNS helped (primary / secondary If other solutions dont work, try this.

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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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I solve it this morning by update windows version. Hope this help someone else.

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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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Will try! And will let you know. Thanks for a tip.
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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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If you tried everything and you have no hope... Try this! It wroked for me ^^
I can finally play!
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Re: Infinite Loading Loop

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I have engaging support for about a week now and am still unable to resolve this issue. I have attempted a number of suggested solutions that are not resolving my issue.

I have tried:

- setting dns/flushing dns

- reinstalling game and origin

- new origin account

- linking new steam account

- memory testing

- disabling all startup items

- disabling all non Microsoft services

- sending msinfo/dxdiag logs

- setting game to run with high performance gpu

- clearing origin cache

- repairing game


I may be missing some as i have tried everything short of reinstalling my operating system in which I am not willing to do as every other game on my system works perfectly. 


Origin username: IIIIyellowIIII

Number of Steam Friends: 16

Number of Origin Friends: 0


Please HELP

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Re: Infinite Loading Loop

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  • Platform you play on? (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)
  • Your Gamertag, PSN ID, or Origin IDPupsvogel_DE
  • When did this start occurring for you? (Day/Time)
    05/24/2019 Evening
  • If you're on PC do you have your account linked up with Steam?
  • Were you able to play before without the infinite loading screen?
  • Did you make any specific changes to your Origin client settings or PC just prior to this happening?No
  • Confirm with YES if you've performed all of these basic connection troubleshooting steps: YES did way more like router reset to change IP traceroute and deleting config and some more


The only thing I just remembered was unusual:
I had to log in my origin account again for some reason even it was saved on this PC!


Also worth noticing:
I was asked to confitm my Origin store to Germany and I needed to do this over and over again at least 10 times in the time I was playing (maybe 1,5 months)


And like it looks its pretty sure a connection issue where the game can't connect to any server!




AND  BTW....

I'm pretty pissed since I need to play 2 levels to get my Battlepass finished before it ends so not beiing able to login means I spend my money for nothing!
So I hope all affected by this bug get their Battlepass set to max when the eason ends. Else this will be my first and last season in this otherwise amazing game.

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Re: Stuck on apex splash screen

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i have same problem there,stuck on loading screen whole day!

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