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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

by SnoopDazzle

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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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Yeah, as i suspected, this did not help AT all!

ALSO! I formatted my entire computer, started from scratch with only Driver, Origin and Apex Legends.
Game still freezes. Respawn, what the actuall hell! Why are you not commenting on this issue?!
Why are you not fixing it?!

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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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I just died in the first 3 minutes of the game, 3 games in a row because of these freeze bugs with
a newly formatted machine with only driver and the game.

Deleting the game now. 



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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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Okey, posting this as a tips/hint/warning to others that might be in the same position as me.

It is regarding the Killer Controll Center fix... I have NEVER EVER installed or used this app.
I also have a fresh windows install, but seems like windows update has installed this app on my behalf, 
without me knowing. I brushed that fix off since i've never seen or heard of that app, but turns out, I've got it!
Trying the "Disable Advanced Stream" fix now. Looking forward to see if it helps!
Discovered that I hadd the app by mistake after opening the windows menu, and typing "k", suddenly it just popped up.

Be sure to do the same to check if you have it too, even if you have not installed it or used it, ever!

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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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Thanks for being on this thread, @RivetNetworks.

And thanks a lot to @balling93 for reporting this problem and find the solution!

I feel relieved!


@RivetNetworks, when do you think you will submit the 2.x version of the "Killer Networking Software" driver to Microsoft for it to be delivered by default on the computers?

Because for now, Windows persists to install the 1.x version after using your uninstall tool.

We NEED to install the last drivers from your website, and the complete suite, to get the 2.x version!


As APEX is very popular, I think a lot of people will be touched by this problem if it is not downloaded by Windows Update!




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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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Removing Killer Network Control really worked for me. No issues after removal

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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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I have a question, does this solution work for pc too???
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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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It IS for PC, obviously! :D
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Re: Apex Legends Random Freezing

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Yea, go to control panel > keyboard > Speed and drag Repeat Delay and Repeat rate to the minimum. Also, a developer should read this cause I m sure it's related.
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