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Apex Legends Lag Spikes Troughout Game

by SJMayhem

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Apex Legends Lag Spikes Troughout Game

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I’ve played Apex since the day it came out. I never once lagged except for the beginning of games glitch.. whatever. Now I can’t get through a game without lag spikes throughout the entire game. I tried everything, wired, WiFi, Xbox PS4. I lag on Xbox AND PS4 I’m thinking maybe it’s my location in South Jersey? No other game I play lags. My internet is amazing never had an issue. Now all of a sudden I can’t play a SINGLE game without lag spikes throughout literally unplayable I can’t play the game. It all began with this most recent update I believe. Like I said any other game I play online is PERFECT! I even streamed other games to really put my internet to the test and it was PERFECT it’s only APEX! Which is VERY upsetting! FIX THIS PLEASE! 

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Re: Apex Legends Lag Spikes Troughout Game

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It sounds like you may be having issues with your connection @SJMayhem. I would suggest taking a look at our Connection troubleshooting steps which you can find here:


It'll take you a couple of minutes to do them all but please do take the time and do them all.


Let me know how you get on.



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