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Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

by TheUltimatePlum

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Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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Dear Devs


I am writing this because I am one of the people who would very much enjoy and love your new game APEX LEGENDS, however currently I am not enjoying your game because it keeps crashing non-stop WITH NO ERROR and not because I have a crappy PC, or AMD Phenom Processor, or as you've recently said in your patch "Extended timeout that was causing players with slower hard drives to crash", but because your game is just broken.


I have tried multiple methods to rectify this problem, from moving it from my HDD to my SSD, lowering graphic settings, updating and downgrading my graphics card, running it as admin, applying "+fps_max 60" and/or "+fps_max100" in advanced settings, uninstalling origin and re-installing it, changing its windows compatibility, repairing it and updating it, turning off all overlays (Discord, origin, amd catalyst), and many more.



Sorry devs just needed to get this out of my system because I am completely frustrated nothing personal Standard smile.


PC Specs:

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290 

                Driver Software: 19.2.2 Adrenalin 2019

Windows: Windows 10, Version 1809

Motherboard: ASrock Z97 Pro4

CPU: i5-4690k 3.50 GHz


SSD (Apex is in this drive): KINGSTON SV300S37A120G

HDD: Seagate ST1000DM003-1ER162


Sincerely, Someone who wants to play your game but can't because its effing unplayable. Large smile

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Accepted Solution

Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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Okay so i've managed to play 2 days straight (20+ Hours) with solid gaming sessions with only 1 crash and its very promising. (Better than crashing literally every 2nd game)


This might be a hassle but if you follow these steps it may also help you out.


This is what I did:


1. Put all graphic setting AS LOW AS POSSIBLE on apex. ALSO PUT THE ADAPTIVE RESOLUTION FPS TARGET MINIMUM 50 (mine is on 50), if your still crashing try increasing it.

  • My settings are attached below look at the photo's

2. Go to your task manager and sort the tasks by name, I ended any processes relating to AMD softwares (like 4 things that had the name either 'Radeon: ....' or 'AMD ....')

  • Note: Always do this if you've restarted or just booted up your comp wanting to play Apex
  • It only force closes the AMD software which will turn off the vsync and the other settings enabled for Apex + you can always boot it back up by just searching AMD on search bar so its completely safe dw.

3. Put Easy Anti Cheat on low priority --> Do this by task manager ---> Details ---> Find and right click Easy Anti Cheat --> Priority then put it as low.


4. You have to experiment with the +fps max through the advanced launch options. Mine mainly stopped crashing around 45/50. I started at 80 and kept going down by 5 until it didn't crash anymore. (So in short I put in the advanced launch options "+fps max 45")


5. I turned off ALL OVERLAYS. For me the overlays I turned off were:

  • Discord
  • Origin
  • AMD Software (But I think step 2 takes care of this as one of the tasks is named AMD overlay or something like that which you close)

6. Compatibility mode is on WINDOWS 8, and i've also ticked the 'Run as administrator box'



Side Notes:

  • Graphics card and Windows is up to date.
  • I know that 45 fps cap is so bad, but I barely notice it tbh, and its better than crashing every game
  • I found that VSYNC of any sort made the crashes worse, as soon as I turned it off it wasn't crashing as much.
  • My game files are in SSD not HDD, so this may have helped the game not crash.
  • You're going to have to live with whatever FPS max you put, i'd recommend just giving up if you go 30 or below and just wait for the patch (Tried it, and it was very bad)
  • I am sure you're aware if you have AMD Phenomenon then you won't be able to play the regardless of whether you do this or not.

I think STEP 2 & 3 did it for me, but give it a go.


ALSO GET THIS SOFTWARE CALLED SPECCY, THE CRASHING MAYBE BECAUSE YOUR GPU/CPU IS OVER-HEATING, and if this is the case then you have to get new computer all together.


Bump up for people to see this, I hope it helps guys Standard smile

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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the sad thing about this is that they dont give a * about it. they had patch the other day but it's still effin the same. I don't think they will listen to us 20% of the total players on Apex who has crash issues. I mean, there are 9 million players who are playing without errors. If they don't fix this immediately then i'll stop playing. It just gave me headaches.
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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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do you have samsung ssd? try disabling rapid mode
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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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hi i maybe fix this problem by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex right click on r5apex and click properties....go to the compatability tab and tick the (disable full screen optimisations)...I have done this and it have been working for me for 5 game at least...i hope it works for you


IF this didnt work try turning off wallpaper engine if you have it installed on your pc because my friends game work after they turned it off

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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I would just like to say, with someone who has over 30 hours play time, i've finally fixed it for myself.


I used to crash every few games and it could be at the begining middle or end game, did not matter.


Im not the best technology wise so i did not edit my files or repair drives or anything like that, and i have a potato pc lol




For me i did two things, but the main one is alt-tabbing. Anytime i alt tab i restart my game completely. and this seems to have stopped the crashing. I have not had a single crash since I've done this.

On my other pc (divorced parents) I have a two monitor set up. With this one, i just changed all of the video settings back to default. Even with a pre-built potato from Microcenter i still get about 100 fps which is plenty for a PC shooter


Just try this, maybe even both. and if you ever do alt tab, just make sure you completely close out of your game then open it back up. worked wonders for me!


-Wraith OTP

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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Do you mean changed the video settings of the game Apex Legends or of your GPU

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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it worked for me!

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

★ Novice 


watch this video. i have figured out why apex legends crashes on launch without any error messages. have a nice day!

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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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This did it for me. Just don't alt-tab.
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Re: Apex Legends Crash no error - PC

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idk if this helps at all but i have an i5 2500k and a rx 570 4gb i get an average of 70 to 80 fps 100+in a good amount of areas in this game. i like this game a lot but i literally cannot play a match without being flung to the desktop. love this game but ive done everything to try to fix it and nothing helped. it'd be nice to pay this game without crashing.

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