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Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

by proteinbrains

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Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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Ever since the release of the Two Year Anniversary update I can no longer load into the lobby on my main account on either Origin and Steam. My game boots to the Main Menu screen, the sits at the LOADING SCREEN for a minute or two, and finally I get  a CODE:NET and sent back to the lobby screen. My main account has been bugged for over 3 days now, I know its not a client side issue since I can log on an alternate account on Origin without any issues. Can someone from support please reply. This Streamable link shows exactly what happens over and over again:\


  • What platform are you playing on? PC
  • Origin ID: proteinbrains
  • What were you doing leading up to the issue? Playing a match.
  • Can you reproduce it? What are the steps? Bought some skins from event, played one match after event update, got CODE:NET and was never able to log in again.
  • PC players - provide hardware specs, OS version, and GPU driver version: Drivers all up to date, Win 10.
  • Did your game crash? Not a crash, but CODE:NET.
  • If possible, it’s great if you can capture the bug and submit that with your report: Link provided above as follows:\
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Accepted Solution

Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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Hi, if you're still locked out with a Code: Net please post your details in this thread:

We've gathered info from most folks in this thread already, but there's no harm in having a duplicates. 

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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Having same issue on PS4 for last 3 days, been playing ranked when this happened, seen my teammates as bronze 4 so did they, we all restarted oru games but only I got this problem. So far no other response other than that it is being looked into and we have to wait, but found some threads where people have this issue for a month...

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Code:Net on certain accounts

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My main Apex account won't let me log in to the game I keep having Code:net but my net is not the issue since I have been able to play on a alternative account. I want to be able to enjoy season 8 on my main where I have skins and all heirlooms. I've seen other people with the same issue since the launch on season 8 but Respawn has not mentioned anything about this. EA Agent said my account was fine and that I'm not the only one reporting this. Any update on how soon the patch will be it will be sad if I can't rank diamond because of this.


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Re: Code:Net on certain accounts

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@TBN_Godly Have the same issue for past 4 days, actually have been messaging with people who have this issue for a month. There is currently no solution/workaround that I know of if you are getting the code:net message.

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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The exact same issue has happened to me for the last 4 days. I’m on pc as well

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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I've had this issue for 4 days too. Support didn't help at all. Nothing worked. Re-installing, Flushing DNS, Deleting Cache etc. Nothing work. I'm on PC. OP's video represents the issue I am having 100%

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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Buckle up guys, people have been experiencing the code net issue since before season 8 and some even back before season 7 where they’ve been completely locked out of their accounts and there is still no official fix for this.  Some people are able to use a work around but for me and many others we haven’t been able to participate at all in season 8.  This is a game breaking issue that more and more people are experiencing every day.  The steps for the workaround can be found here, good luck.

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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I have the same issue man. It occurred when I was playing ranked and I cannot log in for past three days

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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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@sJansCsg I am on ps4 platform
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Re: Apex Legends CODE:NET Account Bugged

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Exactly the same, I ñlay on ps4 and have been last 3 days without entering loby and only receiving this code:net.


Never happened this to me before, tried everything, uninstalled game, restored database and reinstalled, cleared cache, save data. Nothing works, just a couple days after I bought season pass 8.


I have other users on my ps4 and can log in without any problem, only mine. Please I need a solution.

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