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Apex Legends Ban

by Stealthy_hayesTV

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Apex Legends Ban

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Hello, I know this isnt the place for this but god damn. I've tried to contact someone on EA help about an account ban. 


Heard nothing and the ticket is closed. 


[Edit - Admin.]


Id like to know the reason I got banned. 

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Re: Apex Legends Ban

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Cool so you can edit my post but not give me an answer Barry.


What a mod good job m8 might be as useless as the guys over at EA help lmao

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Re: Apex Legends Ban

Hey @Stealthy_hayesTV 

Can you check your inbox and see if you have an email from the Terms of Service team?
You should receive an email after your account has been banned.


Did you create a ban appeal with the EA Advisor else you can find all information on how to appeal your ban here:

Click here to reach out to the Terms of Service team.


They try to reply within 5 business days but it could take a bit longer due to the increased safety measures being put in place.
Just keep an eye on your mailbox and also check your spam and promotion folders as sometimes these emails can get routed over there.

Need help? Mention me with @Zeelmaekers!
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Re: Apex Legends Ban

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Yes I got an email, and no it didn’t tell me * other than the generic “you’ve been banned for cheating”. No actual evidence, no specific reason NOTHING. Cool and yes, I did make a ban appeal the first one well over * 6 months ago, and the other 3 * days ago. NEITHER of which have been answered and the first one closed without explanation of *. I’m beyond pissed of your team, and the TOS team that has been beyond not helpful in answering any of my questions. 


Why the hell I was banned, and why I’m not getting an answer to any of my appeals. 


Ive spent probably $500 before I quit and then I come back after like 2 months of not playing because the game was in * shambles not my account being permanently banned which is beyond *. 

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