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Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

by Contactdestroyer

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Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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Ever since I started playing Apex legends I've had performance issues. Every time I launch into the game my cpu jumps to 100% which causes stuttering, short freezes, fps drop, and occasional crashes.

My processor is AMD FX-4300 3.8 GHz which I know isn't that great but it can run R6S, CSGO, fortnite, Skyrim and many other games just fine. I've tried overclocking but it doesn't help. I've tried moving the game back and fourth from my SSD and HDD but that doesn't do anything. I have 16gb of ram and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. I am limited to my motherboard and my wallet so please don't just recommend upgrading my processor.(unless it's my only option) If there is any way I could change certain settings or delete certain files that would increase performance (more accurately decrease cpu take up) please let me know.

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Re: Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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Sorry to say @Contactdestroyer but your CPU is slightly below the minimum required to run the game.


All you can do is turn all settings down low and hope for the best.


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Re: Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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@EA_Darko I am having a similar issue. When I launch the game it takes 100% of my CPU and is lagging on the menu page to the point where it is difficult to get into the settings page and even make changes. I have another PC running on an i5 with no issues running on full screen with lowered graphics. I find this puzzling because I can run the division 2 open beta on ultra graphics in full screen and stream in 720P @ 60FPS with no problems.


Any ideas as to why this is placing a massive load on the CPU and what i may need to change in order to be able to play?


Windows 10 64-bit

Intl Core i9-9900K CPU @ 3.6 GHz 

NVIDIA Geforce 2080 RTX

ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming


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Re: Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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that is not possible, they should bring a patch for stable cpu performence
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Re: Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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I'm also having high cpu usage.

Mine is weird. When on dropship, my cpu aalways hit 100 if my curaor pointing on the map. Fps cantc get more than 20. This goes normal if i point the cursor other than the map.

And I'm having lags and stuttering when playing too. I cant enjoythe game.

Apex needs some good patches. Especially some high end system still having crash issues.

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Re: Apex Legends 100% CPU Stutter and freezes

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How to improve cpu performance a bit:
1. Enable shader cache in nvidia control panel or amd equivalent
2. Disable integrated gpu/speedstep/turboboost for intel
3. Make sure you have a 4-core cpu and all 4 cores are being used
4. Disable any services/programs from starting up (non-microsoft services ofcourse)
5. Prevent realtime protection for example windows defender (make sure to do regular scans in to keep ur pc checked)
6. Lower polling rate of mouse/keyboard (500hz will do)
7. Disable origin overlay

8. Set windows update to manual update

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