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Apex Gaming no signal detected

by Szymon753

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Apex Gaming no signal detected

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AMD R9 270X



Win 7


After 10-15 min game crashes, monitor turns off for 5 sec and shows no signal dectected. Game is still in task manager but can't open (application stopped working).

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Re: Apex Gaming no signal detected

Community Manager

Best thing to do when you see something like this is to try the monitor on a second system or using a different monitor to see if the issue occurs there @Szymon753. This will allow you pinpoint if the issue is with your system or monitor. It's also worth trying a different cable.


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Re: Apex Gaming no signal detected

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In my case, when the game starts at fullscreen it goes blank then no signal. I can still interact with Alt+Enter to tget the windowed mode. It works fine in windowed, but I would like to play at fullscreen because there is less input lag. My driver is up to date, and all other game works fine. Only Apex has this no signal problem, the only other time I've encountered this problem was when I set the game's refresh rate too high for my monitor in a game called "Ironsight". If possible I would like to know where can I set Apex's refresh rate.

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