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Apex Error

by BlackF1re2002

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Apex Error

★★★★ Newbie

Ive just sat and waited for Apex to fully download on my Windows 10 pc and when i go to launch it i receive this every time! Please help what do i do ....


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Re: Apex Error

Community Manager

Hey @BlackF1re2002 can you grab me a DxDiag so that I can take a look at your system?

The more info we have the better we can help.



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Re: Apex Error

★★ Novice
@EA_Darko my game is unplayable right now due to lag

Recently when i open the Apex application it is forcing me to select a "data center"

upon research i have learned it is best to pick the data center which has the lowest ping and lowest packet loss %

i followed those instructions and my game is lagging to the point where it is not playable still

no matter which data center i select the game is still not playable

why must i select a data center?? arent games supposed to place you in the best/correct server automatically?

someone please explain to me

what is a data center? what is packet loss %? this is ridiculous - i have never had to go through this with any other multiplayer game

my friend who lives within 10 miles does not have to select a data center and does not have any issue with lag

while in a party with him last night my chat would work perfectly fine while in pregame lobby but once we entered a match laggy gameplay and choppy communication started

after leaving the match and returning to lobby chat returned to normal

i place all the blame in this new data center feature - i just dont understand why it is a requirement for me and not my friend or other players

my internet connection is perfectly fine - i use LAN

i can confirm no issue with internet connection because i can play any other of my online multiplayer games with no issues or lag

i resorted to deleting the app and re-downloading last night after several disappointing and frustrating hours of horrible gameplay

still having issues

i would just like some explanation and resolution to this issue so i can continue to play one of my favorite games

i dont understand why i am forced to select a data center
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Re: Apex Error

Community Manager

It sounds like you may be having issues with your connection @BEEhorv. I would suggest taking a look at our Connection troubleshooting steps which you can find here


It'll take you a couple of minutes to do them all but please do take the time and do them all.


Let me know how you get on and if you want to share your UO Trace then I'm happy to take a look at how your data is being routed.



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