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Apex Engine Error

by OreoPringless

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Apex Engine Error

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hey i have been having major problems with my apex after i got the twitch prime skin and when i click to play the game it crashes and comes up with an error i havent seen before (has anyone got a clue what i can do) i dont want to reinstall apex again and i have tried restarting my pc and restoring the files for apex but nothing is working

Engine Error
Error reading pak file

'SAVEDG~1/respawn/Apex/Assets/Promo/dl_promo_2020_07_18.rpak' ---- Error 0x00000026

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Re: Apex Engine Error

Community Manager

Hi @OreoPringless


Can you try something for me to see if helps? If you follow the filepath in that error message you should be able to find the particular .rpak file that's causing it to happen. Once you do, try deleting that file, then repair Apex Legends in Origin. 

Let me know if you're still running into the same error message after that. Thanks!




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