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Re: Apex Crashing after original loading screen

by ChickenWing1277

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Apex Crashing after original loading screen

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This season my game has been crashing a lot due to various issues but none have prevented me from even getting to the screen where you click to play.


Quite recently my game crashed and ever since I can't get past the original logos and black loading screen. I tried to see if it was using 100% of my CPU/GPU (it has done this before) but when I load Apex up it closes down task manager which is new. I have repaired the files twice and got a fresh install of the game last night but nothing changed.


I am able to play the game on my alt account without any issue so I'm extremely confused as to what the issue since it doesn't make a new crash report. It just crashes for my main account and my alt account runs without issue.

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Re: Apex Crashing after original loading screen

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If you move the document folder for Apex to desktop and then start the game up, does that help? @Bughly 





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Re: Apex Crashing after original loading screen

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Heya! I have the same problem, and I believe I've found a solution to it. What I do is: The moment the game opens (after the battleye launch thingie) I minimize it using the command Alt + Tab and I wait a little. I hear the sounds from the intro, and after that I wait about 30 seconds and then I open the minimized game and it somehow lets me click on the button "Click to continue" (Note: before that the game froze on the loading screen every time before showing me the "Click to continue" button) and after that I click on the button to continue, obviously, and it finally lets me in the main lobby and from there I can start playing. That's my solution. 

Also sorry if this reply is really really late. I just started having those issues and I searched for some answers but in the end I found some solution to my problem myself. Hope that helps somebody! 

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Re: Apex Crashing after original loading screen

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When I’m in the loading screen I press A the game freezes and kicks me out

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