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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

by TheGuyverB

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Apex Clips look washed out

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Every since the new season 7 update, whenever I capture a game clip the color looks completely washed out. While I'm playing everything is completely fine. I play on the Xbox one S. I have not changed any settings since last season and do not use a capture card or any over lays. Originally I thought it was an issue on Xboxs side but this issue only impacts Apex and I have met others online with the same issues. Has anyone found a fix for this or know if an update is being worked on for it? 

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Thanks for the post. Could you provide an example of one of these clips?

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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I had this start happening too.  I believe it has to do with HDR.  I don’t believe Apex was HDR until season 7.  My best guess is that somehow the Xbox capture function is not properly converting the colors from the HDR source (Apex) to the SDR capture file.  So it appears dull and washed out.

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Very similar problem here, but I'm capturing through an Elgato HD60+. I get he exact same result, a very washed out picture. I've tried the Xbox capture feature and it's washed out for me too. All started when the Season 7 update came out.


If I toggle the "Allow YCC 4:2:2" setting on and off a few times it sometimes fixes it, but I have to do this every time I want to stream and it doesn't seem to matter if it's on or off, it just decides to work at some point.


Same result on my Xbox One X and Xbox Series X



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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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I've tried posting clips of it but I'm told the file size is too large? How can I upload the clips?

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Here's a screenshot from one of the clips. 

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Anyone fine a fix for this yet?

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Not that I'm aware of. Still dealing with it. It's getting really frustrating to be honest. 

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Re: Apex Clips look washed out

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Same here, when Apex was updated to Season 7, my screen colours went crazy, I found out the issue was the HDR on Xbox One S. Just brief background info::


- The colours would go back to normal if I disabled the HDR10 feature. But I do not thinking that is the way to go as it looks way better with  HDR 10 enabled. What happened is that my Samsing TV somehow saves the video settings like per game.


- So leave HDR 10 on. And just had to adjust the video settinngs on my tv and now the game looks great.


Going back to the issue here:

BUT, funny though, it looks great on my tv now after adjusting the Gamma and colour. But when recording clips via Xbox and looking at them on the xbox app on my phone or on my  console (same TV) they look nothing like when I’m playing (as my TV disables Game Mode video when not in a game).


So this definetily has to do with Apex adding some HDR support to the game and how the Xbox manages it.

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